Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is how you program, and smash shit

Great write in from John Costanza.  Notice what he programmed for, and how he moved the weights well above what he hit in the gym.  This is good shit, and why saving your big ones for the meet matter.

John was easily capable of a 430 squat here, 515 pull, and at least a 225 bench.  Yet look at what he programmed for.  The 405 squat popped off his shoulders it was so fast!

Good shit, John!

I just ran the Strong-15 Short Cycle for a school meet that took place today. Programmed for 385, 195, 430. Killed my first and second attempts on the squat, threw on the belt and hit 405 easy. Deadlifted next (wasn't a very serious meet) and also killed my first 2 attempts. Threw on the belt for 455 and hit that easy. Went for a 4th lift for fun and hit 500. Also went on to hit 205 on the bench. Thank you for all that you do

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