Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - It's too damn early edition

The worlds strongest librarian - 

So I'm giving a book plug for my buddy Josh Hanagarne.  The link to his site is here. 

This is not another training book.  Josh suffered from severe Tourettes, grew up a devout Mormon, and later found lifting.  Which helped him throttle his disorder.  Josh is a really good dude and has been helping me along the way with possibly getting some work published, so please check his book out and give him some support.

LRB geared methodologies - 

So I'm venturing into the dark side.

I know what you're saying, I did that a few years ago.

No, no, no.  I'm talking about geared powerlifting.  Well, I'm not venturing into it personally.  I am however helping a good friend out with his geared training.

My buddy Zane Geeting, who shares many philosophical traits with me on training and such things is running a training block that we designed to get him to his best.

Go follow Zane's training log here.  He's going to talk about the different blocks and what we are doing as he goes along.  I think it will be a very interesting journey.

Shirts - 

So I was able to work a new deal with my distributor and I'm going to be getting more XL's in soon, and I will be able to lower the price.  So if you read this, hold off on buying a shirt for a little bit, because the price is going to drop.

............I should be sleeping right now.  I'm writing this at 5:45.

My bench session last night was tough and I was tired afterwards, however my sleep has not been good for the last week and a half.   Though it hasn't really caught up with me in training yet, I know it eventually will.  Even my lunesta isn't helping right now, as I wake up at around 3:45 a.m and am wide awake.  It's not unusual for me to have bouts like this, I'm just not happy about it while trying to getting ready for this meet.

Speaking of which, my training partner, all 119 pounds of her at 5'9" and 14, smoked a 90 pound bench last night.  Super proud of her.  She wanted to go heavier but I told her no.  That if she had a miss it would really mess with training.  She listened, and then proceeded to do 10 sets of 8 with 65 pounds, with a pause on the last rep of every set.

I've been thinking about writing total beginners book, because I get SO many questions from noobs every week.  I know how frustrating it can be to sweat every detail and feel overwhelmed in the weight room because you think you have to get everything right.  I'm not sure about it, but it's been tossed around in my coconut lately.

I don't have a ton to go over right now.  Training is going good, eating is solid, conditioning is solid, I feel good overall.  I'm probably jinxing myself by writing that somehow.

I will also be in Springfield, MO this weekend to support a trainee I have been helping.  It's early so I can't remember the meet federation, but if you happen to be reading this and are going to be there, come say hello.



  1. If you have the will/time to write a book for beginners it would be awesome. As many new trainees gets OCD when they start their journey in the weight room.

  2. You should write the beginners book. Your perspective is great, so why not have something out there different from Starting Strength, Greyskull LP, or even Stronglifts. Your approach would be refreshing.

  3. What about the Overeem shirts? :)

  4. Paul,

    That's rough about the sleep. I have not slept well in about 10 years after my first kid and career started. I know you mentioned your sleep troubles before. Any good tips on things you do daily to try to combat that issue?


    training with your kid is pretty awesome. I know you have written about this before but if you do a beginnes book a chapter about parents training with their kids would be awesome.

    Thanks for this website and your time. It is appreciated.


    1. There's really nothing I can do when it gets like this. Meds don't work, nothing does really. Just have to suck it up and march forward. I've had insomnia my whole life, but some spells are worse than others.

    2. Are you gonna end up like the guy in fight club?

      Did you ever figure out what causes it? For as smart as you seem to be maybe your brain just doesn't like to stop thinking.

    3. I don't know about the "smart" part but my brain never feels "shut off", if I could explain it. I never feel "relaxed". Not upright, but always something more to think about. Hard to explain I guess.

  5. If you write a beginner's book I'll buy it. Hell, I'll even pay for it now.

  6. I think you would do a great service to Noobs (myself included) in writing a book for beginners.

  7. Paul do you know the location of the gym in Springfield? I'm from Springfield and would love to stop by

    1. Howard Johnson Inn.

  8. I'll check that book out for sure.

    Hey, while you're in Springfield, check out Strong Gym: Their new location downtown is ballin'. Tell Will or Matt that Mike Donnelly sent you.

    Also I met your pal Justin Johnson over at Powerbody USA in O'fallon about a month ago. Cool fucking dude.

    I'll try to compete in one of the USSF meets in the near future