Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Base Building Programs/Book coming

Working hard to put all of this together.  But I plan on developing a beginner, intermediate, and advanced cycles for each.  These will span months at a time without deloads or time off (or as little as possible), counting for a type of "auto regulation", improving weak lifts, and building mass.

Some of the things I will go into here.......

Establishing the base itself with beginners.

Transitioning from beginner to intermediate.

Running the base building cycles into the strong-15 cycles.

Using base building in the offseason along with the big-15 to increase mass.

Using base building methods for geared lifters (I need more feedback here before I can complete it).

I have a shit ton of testimonials just from the base building series I did to support all of these theories and ideas, not to mention my own training which is at its best ever, and I've been healthier longer than ever, by following these principles.

I don't know what the timetable on this will be.  I will say that I feel like this was really the final missing piece to my training ideology because this is something you can mold your entire training scope around for LIFE.  Moving parts in when you need them and eliminating things when you need to.

Here is the initial outline..........

Full body splits - outline how to do full bodysplits with base building

Body Part Splits - Training like a bodybuilder

"Movement" Splits - Training movements, not muscles

Strongman Split - Training for strongman

Specialization - Prioritizing a lift

Volume tapering - how to manipulate volume in and out of your programming

Offseason Base Building - Improving mass and strength

Autoregulation and base building - How to how a "go to" scheme on a +10 and -10% day

Regressed programming - Moving backwards to move forward (more on a type of auto regulation)

Base building into the strong-15 cycle

Base building into the strong-15 short cycle

Base building into the big-15

Recovery - The REAL key to getting better

Consistency - more from LRB article about it

Grinding - When to and when not to (don't short circuit your momentum)

Speed work - Not to be confused with base building

Base building with the 350 method, 100 rep sets, and the 50% method -


  1. cant wait for this, feel like all the ?s i had lined up are all on the table of contents, will there be a spread sheet included lol? jk

  2. Sign me the fuck up.

  3. Hey Paul when do you think the base building book will be out estimate