Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Winding down

This is week 9 of meet prep and well, I'm toast.

I think I could have gotten by with 7 weeks and been more "phresh", however to use one of my most hated sayings...it is what it is.  

I hit everything I wanted to hit already to be good for what I want at the meet, however this week is playing havoc with my mind because so many personal things are wrecking my shit, and because of how beat up I am, I'm not moving anything with the kind of speed and power I was a few weeks ago.  

So at this point, it's all a mental game.  I will probably still do some training this week, and then shut it down after Thursday.  I have two 90 minute massages booked, which I am looking very forward to.  

If I could have done anything a little differently during this cycle it probably would have been to go even lighter than I did.  I still did not push things heavy, however even when you program light, after 8 weeks or so without a break, you start getting very crispy.  

My left VMO is slightly strained, but I'm not overly concerned about it as I did some light front squats Sunday and it felt ok.  So I should be ok there.  

More than any lift I am worried about my pull.  It was coming along just fine, and now I sort of feel like the bottom has fallen out a bit.  Don't ask why, as I think I could have pulled 605x5 from a deficit last week pretty easily.  Still, not having it move with the kind of speed that 585 moved with the week before has fucked with my head a bit.  

I may do some heavy overhead work tonight, and some lighter db bench pressing.  Next week I will do some light pressing on maybe Sunday and then take the next 5 days fully off.  

Every meet is different, and every cycle is a little different but that's the ebb and flow of training.  

I have a couple of plans in place in case I don't feel like my planned goals are there at the meet.  I should still come away with a PR total regardless.

Hopefully I will be able to give a full write up day by day in Chicago.  

Want to thank everyone who has been supportive of me recently.  I appreciate all the words of support and encouragement.  


  1. Chill out, get some rest, and go kick some ass.

  2. I'm sure you've mentioned it a number of times but what are your overall goals for the meet?
    You're probably guilty of overthinking things and I'm willing to bet you'll kick some serious arse on meet day!

  3. You will kick some serious ass!
    You're a real man. Loving husband and father, Solid career, Smart mind, balls of steel, and you're swole as fuck. Whatever's troubling you will pass, and you will stay strong, that's who you are. I'm a young college student I look up to you with the utmost respect. My Dad loves that saying, so I'll end on another one of his favorites:
    Keep on keepin' on!

  4. Paul - good luck in your meet big man. Your body will be there when you need it to be, you've done the work. I don't care what your goals are - I just hope you meet them.

    Been training for almost a year for a small local meet at the end of May...have to kiss that goodbye now (life circumstance, wife changed her job so the entrance and membership money is needed elsewhere...think I'll have my own basement "self-meet" haha).

    Anyways. I'd wish you luck again - but you have made your own 'luck' with your physical and mental preperation.

    Lift strong.


  5. Good luck on meet day, Paul. It has been awesome to follow your prep and planning.

  6. Every competitive powerlifte goes through these times and, as you know, you have to go through ;)
    Nevertheless the words that i take to heart in those times: Ive put everything i had (mentally and physically) into the preperation so whatever goes around in your mind - forget it!

    You are well prepared and everthing that is rumoring around in your head is just dogshit. push those thoughts away and you will be good a the meet. youve grown as a man and lifter (lifer?) in the last weeks and whatever happens is a picture of the moment. Dont let that put yourself down, because its a journey and not just a trip :)

    those are ur words and ive taken those words relly serious. u did too, didnt u?

    good luck,


  7. Paul,

    Good luck at the meet and thank you for 365. If you've got time, make sure to check out Kuma's Corner after the meet.