Friday, April 12, 2013

Conditioning makes you sexy

Russell Taylor wrote in to me to let me know he's running 365, and that the conditioning phase is making his wife lust after him.  That's a great side benefit.

For the last 3 years I really just ignored conditioning and was of the mindset that if I lifted more and just ate meat I couldn't get fat... er, fatter. That was wrong, I was wrong. Anyway, I started off HATING the conditioning phase but now I love it. Getting nice and lean, I still have some chub to lose but it's going so well I just don't know what to say but "Thank You."

If your writing wasn't so good, informative, and funny I would probably still be wondering why lifting triples and eating a shitload of meat wasn't making me vascular. My wife thanks you too. Of course, she says she loves me no matter what I look like, but I know she lusts after me WAY more now. Awesome all around.

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