Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Session #1 - Upperbody

Bodyweight - 250

Db Bench -
flyes - 20's x 20,20 (warm up)
60's x 15,15
110's x 8
140's x 12.5, 8

Chins -
body x 15

Notes - A true 80%.  Nothing to see here, oh except that my chinning feels pretty fucking pathetic right now.  Suck my balls, chin ups.  Pissed that I didn't get 13 on the first set of db bench.  Maybe next time.  250?  Really?  Jesus, I'm barely eating.


  1. How do you like them there dumbbell handles? I've been looking at the IronMaster ones... just can't pull the trigger on the price ($585 shipped for 75 lbers)

    I'm thinking of taking my ass down to the machine shop to design my own. We'll see how it goes!

  2. Who knows, if they're good enough maybe some will make it your way if interested.

  3. Hey Paul, do you usually do your DB bench with a neutral grip?

  4. Fun story from work: last week a couple of guys started talking to me in the kitchen about weight lifting. These are "I benched 300 in high-school" guys. I mentioned that I'd just had a great deadlift session, then this conversation:
    Guy: "I do not advise that people deadlift. That's asking for low back problems."
    Me: "Actually I haven't thrown my lower back out once since I started deadlifting heavy, and I used to strain it all the time."
    Guy: "I don't advise it."

    Then yesterday, I run into the same guy in the kitchen:
    Guy: "Man, I threw my back out bad at the gym yesterday."
    Me: "Goin' at it too hard?"
    Guy: "Yeah, I was using dumbells to do some balance work, which is really big right now."
    Me: "...well..."

    I later suggested that he might try doing piriformis stretches regularly, described what I meant and why I was suggesting it, he blinked at me a few times, and we went our seperate ways.

    1. Never engage with fake bros. It's always a waste of time.

      I know for me, the only thing that cured my back soreness (from when I was a weak, pathetic, fat sack of shit who sat all day long) was deadlifting. Once I got my DL sets up ~275 and beyond, all the aches I got in my mid back were gone.

  5. Paul,

    I notice that when you are not training for a meet, you often do a lot of overhead/incline pressing and lots of dumbbell chest work. Do you think that a combination of those two in the off season can build the bench press while giving you a break from the straight bar bench press? I ask because of a tender shoulder that tends to get aggravated if I bench for too much volume, especially with any regularity.


    1. Mike - I can't bench that often anymore because my pec minor gets very irritated. I have a permanently separated shoulder so things don't move just perfectly on that side.

      One of my best bench templates is to bench for heavy singles one week, then go light incline the next week. So you only bench twice a month. I hit my best competition bench of 430 close grip doing this. So it's fine.

      If I'm not preparing for a meet I might bench once a month or every 6 weeks.

  6. Glad to hear the book is virtually done.