Saturday, May 5, 2012

Strength - Life - Legacy Current Table of Contents

Someone asked about this, so I wanted to give an update of the TOC for the new book, and some of the shit within...........

  • Strength - Life - Legacy
    • Strength is King
    • The Lion
    • Strength and Women
    • Confidence
    • Your code
    • Becoming the Lion
  • The LRB Philosophy 
    • Sets and Reps
    • Training Economy
    • Volume and Frequency 
    • Deloading
    • Starting Light
    • Strength Peaking
    • Leaving a rep in the tank
    • Building Lifts
    • Weak point lifters
    • Jack of all trades
    • 80-10-10 
    • Be strong, be in shape
    • Attitude
    • Have a reason
    • Taking the easy path
    • Strength bell curve
  • Programming 
    • The 85-93-100 rule
    • Momentum 
    • Meet day options
    • The opener
  • My squat sucks
    • Technical difficulties
    • Misinformation
    • Hands on the bar, and elbow angle
    • Low bar vs High Bar
    • Getting under the bar
    • Initialization 
    • The descent
    • Bar Path
    • Misc shit
    • Cheat sheet
    • Pause Squats
    • Pause Squat Only Cycle
    • New Strong-15 cycle
    • Implementing the testing week
    • Trial and Error
  • My Deadlift Sucks
    • Back Building
    • Rowing
    • The Erectors
    • Chins and Pulldowns
    • Rack Pulls - Pros and Cons
    • Strong-15 Block Deadlift Cycle
    • Grinding
    • Technical difficulties
    • Feet in relation to hand space
    • Hip Height
    • Lower and Upperback
    • Puppy Tummy
    • Relax your arms
    • Jerking off
    • The bar over knees
    • Max Deadlifting
    • Cheat Sheet
    • New strong-15 deadlift cycle
    • Balancing back building with deadlifting
  • My Press sucks too
    • Bench Pressing
    • The setup
    • Determining your strongest position 
    • Power Path
    • The new strong-15 bench cycle
    • Misc. shit about benching
    • Other pressing movements 
    • Incline Press
    • Standing Press
    • Press Behind the Neck
    • Dips
    • Board Pressing
    • Floor Press
    • Dumbbell Pressing
    • Head Press
    • Klokov Press
    • Machine Pressing
    • Misc shit about pressing in general
  • Training Splits
    • The man-maker
    • The traditional
    • The minimalist 
    • The athlete
    • Powerlifting twice a week
    • The strongman
    • Strongman deadlift cycle
  • The Short Timer - The strong-15 short cycle
    • Squat cycle
    • Bench cycle
    • Deadlift cycle
    • Notes on the short cycle
    • Short cycle with a long deload
  • Conditioning 
    • Stage 1
    • Stage 2
    • Stage 3
    • Maintenance 
    • Measuring Stick
    • Thoughts about conditioning 
    • Lifting while conditioning 
    • More thoughts about conditioning 
  • Training for mass - The new big-15 program
    • Setting the stage
    • Why bodybuilding?
    • Strength vs Mass training
    • Getting stronger with a caveat 
    • High Volume training
    • The over-warm up
    • 50% sets
    • Rep range and 1RM
    • 77 to 70 and 73 to 65
    • Mass Template - Big3/Little3
    • 3 Big
    • 3 Little - 20/15/10
    • Staple Movements and examples 
    • Post-Staple Work
    • A word on rows
    • The overall template
    • Example Routines
    • The big 2/4 small split
    • Misc. shit about the template
    • Where are deadlifts?
    • Eating for mass
  • Bodypart specialization 
    • Keys to specializing
    • Traps
    • Shoulders
    • Chest
    • Pipes
    • Legs
  • If I could do this shit all over again........
    • Genesis
    • Routines
    • Philosophies behind beginner training
    • Fat beginners
    • Transitioning into intermediate 
    • Basebuilding
    • Intermediate mass split
    • How long until I advanced?
  • Old guy training - For those thinking about viagra and social security (not completed)
    • Training Heavy
    • Mobility
    • Posture
    • Legs, Hips, and Midsection 
  • Pre-Hab and Rehab
    • this point I have to go mow the yard and eat.  My hand is also tired from typing this outline out.  But I hope you get the picture that this book is very encompassing and going to be a big body of work.  
I know people are going to ask for chapters on about everything, but there are just going to be some things I am not going to cover in this one.  Maybe for articles down the road, or something else.  But needless to say, I want people to be able to open this book for most training questions and find an answer.  

Everybody, do something worth fucking talking about on Monday!  

Hell yes.


  1. This is honestly incredible Paul. Consider me customer #1.

  2. Seriously Paul, this looks like an amazing piece of work.
    Can't wait till it's done, hopefully it will answer a few questions, as well as confirm a lot, that i think i already know and set me straight.

    Keep up the good work Paul, what your doing is really inspiring and helping a lot of people.

  3. Uh my 'To Read List is beyond massive...But this while probably go right near the top with Jamie Lewis' book.

  4. God I am more stoked for this than the avengers

  5. Any book with a section called "Becoming the Lion" automatically gets my money.

  6. Looking forward to this , how much will you charge for initial buyers?

    1. Not sure yet. Depends on how much more content I add.

  7. I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS. Will you be releasing it as a physical copy, or just the ebook? I'd really like to have this sitting on my bookshelf.

    1. I plan on getting this one done in physical copy as well. I have a source for it now.

  8. Since is a E-book , are you gonna include some videos in it

    thall be cool

    1. Actually I was thinking that would be a good idea.

  9. Dude I'm totally excited about this! I can't wait for this to come out. I will definitely be purchasing this - looks like a phenomenal tool. And I'd definitely be looking forward to a physical copy, even if I had to wait a little longer.

    Side note - in your chapter on deadlifting, you have a section called "jerking off" - I sure hope that was an intentional innuendo.

    Looking forward to it man! Congrats on this.

    1. No, there is a section in there about'll just have to see.

  10. You doing the podcast this week? I wanna know cuz I got questions for yoos guys.

  11. When I saw the section "Strength and Women", at first I was thinking it'd be all about how to show off your muscles and strength to best attract the opposite sex. Then I realized it was probably something about the importance of strength training for women & dispelling common myths like "strength training will make me bulky", etc.

  12. Sounds sick Paul, can't wait to read it.

  13. Sounds great and would be insightful thats for sure!,

  14. OK here are my questions for the podcast.

    How old is the oldest chick you (or Jamie) ever banged and how old would you go overall?

    If you are looking for upper body "mass" development would someone be missing out by sticking with dumbbell presses over barbell presses?

    What would you consider "respectable" strength? Does that person have to be as strong as you? This is not to be confused with what you consider strong - I read that article.

    Which actors do you think juiced for these roles:

    Vin Diesel in "Pitch Black"

    Nicolas Cage in "Con Air"

    Ed Norton in "American History X"

    Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"

    1. 1 question for the podcast dude.

    2. ok sorry, Question #2 Please

      "If you are looking for upper body (mass) development would someone be missing out by sticking with dumbbell presses over barbell presses?"

  15. Hey Paul love the blog, love the podcast, and looking forward to the Book. One question for the show, Have you seen the Avengers - and what did you think - if you did?

  16. This looks epic as all shit. So looking forward to it.

  17. I got hard before I even made it a third of the way down that TOC. Nice work.

  18. I am going to buy the shit out of this book

  19. I've already read Issuances of Insanity and can't wait to give this upcoming book a look.

  20. Paul in your book strength life legacy with the traditional split. On bench day you talk about dips. It says body x lots ... how many reps do you recommend?