Friday, May 25, 2012

MMA Blurb

Well well well, UFC 146 is finally upon us. Comparing the original lineup and what we will have Saturday, and I can kind of understand the risk Zuffa takes in its promotions. This is a heavy-weight dominant card, and five years ago, the division wasn't deep enough to support this many card edits. Lord knows Strikeforce's heavy-weight division couldn't.

From Mark Hunt, to Gonzaga, to Overeem, the uncontrollable variables here are insane. There's no insurance other than editing the card, and hoping the paper-view sells. So forgive my obvious disappointment, but a few months ago this was a Bentley I was looking at. Now we got up close, it's more like a Jonesed Bentley.

So barring anymore edits to the UFC 146 change log, here are the calls in bold.

Cain Velasquez vs Frank Mir Antonio Silva

Cain has the tools to win this 100%. Antonio got beat by Cormier, and I think Cain can beat either one them up.

Roy Nelson vs Antonio Silva Dave Herman

Roy has to win this. It's quite possibly his last heavy-weight match, and while Dave has some knockout power, I think Roy more experienced. Team fat guy. Hermans a dangerous guy, with lots of first round finishes, but Roy has gone the distance with better fighters.

Stefan Struve vs Mark Hunt Lavar Johnson

Lavar may win this, but statistically speaking, Struve's height advantage wins most of the time. A part of me thinks tall fuckers like Struve should be in their own division.

Gabriel Gonzaga Stipe Miocic vs Shane Del Rosario

Not going to make a call on two up and coming undefeated guys. This is a good candidate for fight or submission of the night.

Edson Barboza vs Jamie Varner

Because Barboza's highlight video is better, more recent, and not as grainy.

Jason Miller vs C.B. Dollaway

I originally was going to pick Miller. I want to. I think he brings levity to the sport. A part of me wants to pick him because I feel like if doesn't win this fight, the UFC will cut him. That would suck.

Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig

Dan Hardy is younger and a better boxer, and that is where this match will be.  He's coming off of four consecutive losses, and is hungry for a win.

Mike Brown vs Daniel Pineda

Brown is a beast and while I respect Pineda's record, I'm not prepared to bet in his favor yet. I did not realize Brown lost to Rani Yahya.

Junior Dos Santos vs Allistar Overeem Frank Mir 

MATUA modeled this fight 10,000 times, and came out with JDS winning 66% of the time, but I'm going to root for the guy with the wallet chain. Given Mir's losses have all been via strikes, this is probably a bad choice. I think everyone agrees Mir is no Overeem.


Anderson Silva reviews The Voice of Reason on Amazon......Found some Silva instructionals.....and he's not leaving the division.

Eric Kelly is doing some training too. He's training "..a bunch of fucking nerds."

Instead of Urijah losing to Cruz, he will now lose to Renan Barao.

Don't flinch. 

Episode 11 of The Reem who we can now thank for new testing.

Nick Diaz will be back February 2013, if he shows up. I appreciate NSAC allowing Sonnens TRT, while shitting on the lazy pot head everyones afraid of.

Ariel Helwani calls out Bob Sapp on throwing fights......Profile of a tapper.

So we all know by now that Jones got a DUI. Did you know this wasnt his first run in?
Combat Jiu-Jitsu.

Forrest Griffin's Pistols and Predictions

Rampage squashes beef with Joe Rogan.

Pat Barry tries to kill his mother.

Randy Couture says that Brock deservers to be in the hall of fame, and Roy says if thats true, so should he. For his kung-fu.


  1. I love the top comment on that last vid, "How long before Roy is called 'Kung Fu Panda' instead of 'Big Country?'"

  2. It was a great night of first round finishes.

    Lavar Johnson is going to need some time to let his arm heal! Nasty!

    Stipe Miocic whooped some ass!

    Big Country is really slimming down. Hay maker knock out! Bad Ass man!

    Cain is looking for a title shot and by all means showed his skills against Big Foot.

    Dos Santos is a BAD MAN! He is fast, sneaks those fists in, and dominated Mir!

    Well worth my $20 share of the pay-per-view.

  3. Great card all around. Not much to complain about with this one.

    I am surprised you haven't taken a shot at Jones about the whole DUI thing yet.

  4. That Eric Kelly guy seemed pretty bitter. On the other hand, I have to admit some of the guys he was training were really bad. It looked like a couple of them had trouble even doing a single push-up. I guess what that tells me is if you're completely out of shape and planning on learning martial arts at all, you'd be better off spending a few months improving your overall strength and conditioning beforehand so you don't completely embarrass yourself.