Saturday, May 19, 2012

Training - Small Workout #2

Rear Delt Machine - 6 sets of 20
Cable Face Pulls - 4 sets of 20
Db Curls/Rope Pushdowns - 5 rounds of 15 or so

Notes - Felt good.  Have been doing some training fasted (just coffee) and feel fine.  I have pulled the carb loading back to 3 days a week, with only 2 dirty days and 1 clean carb load in the evenings (that'd be tonight).

Weight was 242.


  1. Damn dude, you look like Bane from the Batman comics!

    1. Too bad they already picked Tom Hardy and filmed the latest Batman then.....

  2. It's funny Terry mentions that, because the pic at the top of the main page always reminds me of some of the Tom Hardy Bane promotional materials.

  3. That doesn't look like your basement, are you on the road or something?

  4. Hey Paul, been throwing in 3 small workouts a week (alternating between traps/shoulders and biceps/triceps) and I've been noticing some really nice size increases. Thanks for the great ideas.

  5. Looking lean as shit, Paul. Insane vascularity.
    What BF do you think you are sitting at these days?

    1. Probably only 10-12%. People always think they are leaner than they are in terms of bodyfat %. This is probably 10-12% or so.

  6. Paul -

    What do your 'dirty days' look like?

    Been training for about 12 years or so, eating pretty clean for the last 6 or so. I packed on a good deal of mass in the first 6 years eating whatever I pleased while staying lean enough for me, but got to the point that I could not continue to do so without being a fat slop. I attributed that to my desk job and lack of desire to do any cardio outside of a prowler and/or swinging the sledge hammer.

    Now, most meals are clean, with 3 to meals a week being whatever I feel like eating. Could be half a deep dish pizza (live in Chicago), massive steak at a client dinner, hamburgers and beers with friends. You get it.

    Just wondered. Seems like most of my lifting buddies either watch everything they put in thier bodies, or eat whatever whenever they please.

    1. Same for me. When I was younger I could eat whatever and kept a decent level of leanness but as I got older, eating slop caught up to me.

      Right now on backloading I am only eating dirty twice a week. After my two big sessions. Then on Saturday nights I carb up clean. And it's still not a lot of carbs. Last night was a twice baked potato. Today it will be burgers, fries, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Sunday's is the really big dirty load, and Tuesday is a bit less. Like maybe a few bowl of ice cream after some jasmine rice.

      So without even thinking about it I've done a light, medium, heavy on the carb loading....

      Saturdays - light carb loading with clean carbs only
      Sundays - heavy carb loading with lots of junk
      Tuesdays - medium carb loading with 50/50 quality/junk carb loading

    2. Good to see. You seem to be a little more strategic than I, although my dirty meals do tend to fall after a heavy training session or the night before one.

      Love the blog by the way. Keep it up. Your writing is a hell of an enjoyable read to a guy like me.

  7. I like that you train with the chain wallet still attached.

  8. More badass than Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson. What would you estimate your calories looking like?

    M,W,Thurs,F ~2800 cals
    Sat. ~3200
    Sun. ~5000
    Tues. ~4000?