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Martial Arts Movies That Will Give You A Viagra Hardon

In this inaugural article for Chaos and Bang, we're going to review our favorite martial arts movies of all time.  We've got no real criteria for this, other than the fact that they have to be considered martial arts movies, and for this one, won't be weapons-based.  As such, no Zatoichi films and no Jeff Speakman up in this motherfucker, may his mullet be praised.  Paul and Jamie have somewhat different background in the fighting arts, as Jamie fucked about in TKD (as did most of us) for a couple of years before abandoning it for wrestling, followed by jeet kune do and then judo and mixed martial arts.  Paul, on the other hand, trained in Ninjutsu, (Togakure) Kenpo, and Krav Maga .  Where we converge is that we both love awesome, and by awesome we mean dripping with testosterone and does not in any way involve Ang Lee.
Fuck Ang Lee.

Jamie's Ultimate Chop-Socky Playlist

Fist of Legend.  Without question, the greatest kung-fu film of all time.  FOL stars a somewhat young Jet Li in his best-received role.  In FOL, he plays fictional Chinese historical figure Chen Zhen, a guy who's a blend of Chinese masturbatory material and anti-imperialist Fong Sai Yuk and a student of vaunted Chinese martial artist Huo Yuenjia to become the ultimate Chinese folk hero.  This movie's actually a remake of Bruce Lee's Chinese Connection, and was used as the basis for a sequel/remake starring Donny Yen in Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen,  which gets honorable mention for being fucking awesome.  In any event, this is Jet Li at his best- right from the giddy-up, he's breaking limbs and cracking skulls, and culminates in his utter destruction of the largest Japanese man since Sonny Chiba was last seen on screen in the bloodiest Jet Li battle ever.  Given that his battles are never bloody, this means there were a few trickles of blood, which makes this the Texas Chainsaw Massacre of Jet Li films.
This movie's awesome for a couple of reasons- one, minimal wirework.  There's nothing more annoying than watching a couple of tiny Chinese people skip through the treetops and occasionally bounce off each other in what's more of a homosexual interpretive dance than a fistfight.  Two, first use of a belt as an ass-kicking device in a film.  Without this film, Jason Statham would have half of his fight scenes cut out of the Transporter series and would be reduced to perhaps whipping people in the eyes with his suspenders.  Three, it features almost none of the wushu bullshit you see in modern Chinese films, and seems to utilize a fair amount of wing chun techniques mixed with western boxing against traditional Chinese and Japanese styles.  This must be an homage to Bruce for his work in the Chinese Connection, as Chen Zhen seems to espouse JKD without naming it as such.  Four, training montage, motherfucker, with a full on Rocky-running-through-the-streets scene.  Finally, there's minimal bullshit and maximal asskicking, so you can watch it without having to wash the shame off you like you did after waking up at the end of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky.  If' you've not seen this film, punch yourself in the fucking face.  Starring little known Hong Kong martial artist Louis Fan, Riki-Oh's an adaptation of a Japanese manga by the same name.  The plot of Riki Oh is the same as half of the pit-fighting movies of the 1990's- dude's girlfriend gets whacked by local crime boss, boyfriend avenges, evil corporations/corrupt legal system put him in jail, he must fight to survive.  That, my friends, is where this motherfucker goes right off the rails.  Riki's blessed with inhuman strength, which he uses to kill the Double Dragon style bosses in hilarious and awesomely gory ways.  Riki punches a dude so hard his eye pops out, ties his own hand back on by connecting veins and tendons with his teeth, gets strangled by a guy with the guy's own intestines, sees a guy crush another dude's head with his bare hands (which was a meme on the Daily Show before that retard Kilbourne quit the show), and stuffs an extra from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into a giant meat grinder.
This movie's more fun than having a preacher's daughter lick your asshole while playing Call of Duty and getting fellated by a toothless whore at a live GWAR show in Rio during Carnivale.  Seriously, watch this movie- it was the first movie to get rated NC-17 in Hong Kong without showing any graphic sex.

The Raid: Redemption.  I managed to see this movie in the one week it showed in the festering shitlhole referred to by local Alabamians as "Birmingham".  While watching this movie I gained a solid pound of muscle mass and afterward I had a hardon for three straight days.  This is the ultimate action movie- boatloads of non-cgi gore, broken bones, incredibly hyperkinetic hand-to-hand and non-firearm fight scenes, and a hell of a lot of shooting.  The movie features what is for many a little known style of martial arts called Pencak Silat, which is actually a redundant term that refers to all of the Indonesian martial arts.  While a bit flashy, they're practical enough to earn Paul's seal of CCQ approval and the weapons scenes make the ultra-awesome Rob Zombie vehicle House of 1000 Corpses seem tame by comparison.

If you're curious about the plot, it's pretty simple- an Indonesian SWAT team tries to raid a MOVE/New Jack City style slum fortress, only to get trapped inside and have to fight their way out.  In short, just about everyone shown on screen dies in spectacular, bloody fashion.  This pic's slated to become a  trilogy and to get an American remake, so you might as well check it out ASAP so you're up to speed when the rest of them come out.  This shit is going to be like Harry Potter, only without all of the pussy bullshit.  I suppose, then, it'll be nothing whatsover like Harry Potter, as these movies will actually increase the size of your dick, rather than transforming it into a bloody vagina. Players of quiddich should not watch this, and probably should consider various creative ways to end their lives for bringing shame upon their families.

Out For Justice.  In the 1990s, there were exactly two names in martial arts films- Van Damme and Seagal.  On the one hands, you had a guy that meshed the best of 1980s chop-socky flicks with Stallone's physique, the splits, and a terrible Bruce Lee impression, and on the other you had a NYC guido with a ponytail and a penchant for breaking bones and throwing people over counters and through walls.  They both had their place, but most people would agree that Steven Seagal's films were, at their peak, totally unfuckingtouchable.  Seagal's best three films involved so much gratuitous violence and gore that they were practically horror films, and they made Van Damme's attempts look PG by comparison.  The best of Seagal's films was, by far, Out For Justice, if only for one scene.  In it, Seagal drops a cue ball into a bar towel and proceeds to knock out teeth and break bones, as only 1990s Seagal could.  Best of all, he mocks the shit out of the mooks he's beating as he does so, making the scene both hilarious and erection-worthy.
The plot is essentially that Seagal is chasing a coked up gangster-wannabe around NYC, throwing people through windows and beating them bloody in the process.  Oh, and he saves a puppy.  If nothing else, OFJ deserves note for being the only thing in history to lend credence to aikido as a fighting style.  Additionally, "Sticks" in the above scene was none other than Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee's most famous and successful student.  If you're still underwhelmed, Seagal's actually been credited with coaching Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida to knockout victories in the UFC, and he's married to an actual Mongol, which is fucking awesome.  Although Seagal's fight scenes eventually devolved into him flailing his arms in front of the camera like a basketball player in one of their epic "thug" slap "fights", Seagal in his prime was about one thing- kicking ass like he was a donkey herder on a timetable.

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior.  Boasting that same total disregard for the health of their extras as the Raid, Ong Bak features Tony Jaa wrecking shop using Muay Boran, and ultrahard style abandoned in modern times for the much more sensitive style Muay Thai.  I'll admit the plot is fucking retarded (a guy living in the jungle travels to the big city to battle crime lords for trinkets stolen from his village) and the music sounds like whales raping each other, but the fighting is pretty much second to none and the stunts gave Jackie Chan a hardon.  When Jackie Chan's impressed by your stunt work, you know you're the shit.
Filled with elbows to the face that clearly connect, a ridiculous jump through a cart filled with knives, ridiculous chase scenes, and Tony Jaa jumping off shit and landing on top of people while leading with his knees, this movie probably had more insurance claims filed in its making than any other film ever.  That's including the Wizard of Oz, wherein the midgets apparently went berserk while drunk, raped some broads, and torched the movie set.  Although you'll likely feel a strange compulsion to slam the point of your elbow into the crown of your neighbor's skull for stepping on your grass for the rest of your life, this film definitely needs to be in your collection.

Those are testicles in his hand.

Honorable Mention:
Street Fighter- Sonny Chiba works out on a Marcy Trainer (Bruce Lee style) and rips a rapist's cock and balls off with his bare hands, then shows it to the guys and disgustedly wipes off his hand on the dude's shirt, and rips out another guys trachea.  Nuff' said.
Bloodsport- Van Damme's finest work.  Monkey kung fu, Bolo Yeung, and splits.
No Retreat, No Surrender- Imagine Karate Kid + breakdancing and Van Damme as Johnny.  Yeah, it's that good.
Transporter 2- The best of the series, features a fairly hot broad and Jason Statham's best fight scenes prior to Safe.
The One- Statham and Jet Li in a movie that doesn't blow dogshit (like Chaos did) but unfortunately does not feature Kyokushin champ Dolph Lundgren.

You'll note there's no Jackie Chan and no Bruce Lee.  This is because Jackie Chan's movies have great stunts but shit fighting and G-rated plots, and Bruce's movies were great in their day but pale in comparison to modern films.  I'm sure that raises some hackles, but as always, feel free to go fuck yourself- I'm right and you're wrong.

Paul's Top Martial Arts Movies

Much like our training, mine and Jamie's picks for Martial Art movies run pretty opposite ends of the spectrum in some ways, and not so much in others.

I had to dig deep for this.  Mainly because I have become very fastidious and critical about what I really like from a movie perspective.  So most martial arts movies have become too cliché for me.

Nevertheless, I watched more martial arts movies in my youth than Jamie has jacked off this week.  So I will draw upon my dense database of martial arts movies that I remember loving and go from there.

Rapid Fire I was a huge Brandon Lee fan.  I thought he was doing a very amicable job of picking up the legacy of movie making left by his father, Bruce.  Everyone knows the "best" movie he did was The Crow, however that was not a martial arts movie.  Rapid Fire was.  And as a kid I must have watched this movie 10,169 times.  This particular scene was quite funny because he kept beating the shit out of these two guys by using doors.

Brandon plays Jake Lo, a student who witnesses a murder between two rival drug lords.  Jake is took into protection to make sure he stays alive long enough in order to testify.  You've heard and read this one before I'm sure.  He ends up getting framed, so Jake has to beat the shit out of some people do some outrageous shit to help clear his name.  And that's where the fighting comes in......

Revenge of the Ninja I have watched this movie since I was a kid, and it is utterly ridiculous in so many ways.  From Sho's family getting killed by a Ninja clan for what seems like, no reason at all, to the quote that "only a Ninja can stop a Ninja", it's truly a grade B piece of shit.  There's even a scene where Sho and his cop friend go out to a children's playground to talk to some former convicts, to get a lead on a robbery.

Why are ex-cons hangout out at the fucking play ground?  I'm not making this shit up.  Not only that, but in that particular scene, both the cop and Sho beat the shit out of each convict about 18 times, because there is a fight scene, then a cut scene back to the other guy fighting, so forth and so on.  It's fucking ridiculous.

With that said, it was still responsible for my love of Ninja's and martial arts through my youth, and the score for the movie is still epic.  There is also hot tub scene with great big tittays.  And what's wrong with great big tittays in a hot rub?  Nothing.

The Perfect Weapon I saw this flick in the movies based off nothing but the cardboard pop up.  I remember being blown away at how fucking awesome Speakman was, and how they laid out his Kenpo training.  Of course, this made me want to take Kenpo really bad, so when I moved from Mississippi to Louisiana and found out there was a Kenpo school just up the road from me, I was on it.

The great thing about Kenpo is that it's a soft style martial art, meaning the defender uses the attackers momentum or force against them, or to the defenders advantage.  This was the first time I had really seen this put into action this particular way, even though I realized later I had seen many examples of soft styles before.  For me however, the way Speakman incorporated into this flick really made it stand out.  His mullet, while miniature, also stood out as well.

Speakman is basically just a "dude" who goes home to see his old friend, only to find out he's been thrown under the bus in a racketeering type business and can't get out.  Speakman of course, is going to go around town forcing rusty trombones on people until someone coughs up who is doing this is and why.

There are two really awesome fighting scenes in this movie for me.  The first one is in the store, where the guy splits Speakman's stick in half.  The look on his face of "thanks for doing me that favor" is priceless.  The second one was the one where he went into the dojo, and fought three guys.  Lucky for me, this clip basically covers the whole movie!
Above the Law Jamie picked Out For Justice, but to me, Above the Law was Seagal's best movie, and I must have watched it 324 times, which coincidentally is what Seagal was weighing in at for some time.  The actual movie was pretty good, which is saying something for ol Stevie, since he made some fucking whoppers in his time.  And by whoppers, I mean the most horrid shit ever put on "direct to DVD".  And by the most horrid shit ever put on "direct to DVD" I mean....well  you get it.  

In Above, Seagal is a cop (no fucking way?) in Chicago who has a shady CIA past.  He's trying to put away some drug dealings that ends up having ties to his past, and there's the majority of your plot.  But Above the Law was really solid.  And much like The Perfect Weapon, the appearance of the mullet was inevitable.  

Enter the Dragon Without a doubt the best Bruce Lee movie of all time.  And interestingly enough, for a bit of trivia, it was Lee's only English speaking movie.  I agree with Jamie that this movie pales in comparison to more modern day martial arts movies, but I put it into mine because it is such a classic and I felt like it would suck to leave it out.  

Lee is hired by the British government to participate in a martial arts tournament on this Island Fortress, so he can investigate a possible slave ring/trade that is going on there.  Lee learns that the dude hosting this event is also responsible for his sisters death, and now we have a vehicle.  

The most classic scene from the flick is the one where Bruce fights his sisters actual murderer, O'Hara.  The opening bitch slapping sequence is one of my fave scenes of all time.  

Honorable Mention:
No Retreat No Surrender:  Jamie stole this from me.  Let me say what you really need to do, is get high as fuck and watch this movie.  You will never EVER be more entertained in your life.  

Cyborg  Beyond terrible movie with Jean Claude God Damn, however there is a fight scene up in an abandoned building that is pretty fucking mint.  And by pretty fucking mint I mean the choreography in it was pretty first rate for a shitty ass B movie with no movie and no names and 

Way of the Dragon Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee.  Nuff said.

Undisputed II  Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins in a Russian prison where a martial arts tournament is taking place.  That's your flick.  Adkins is retardedly talented and personally I thought them letting the "good guy" (White) beat him was pretty fucking stupid.  Sorry for the spoiler, but it's not like it's Schindler's list.


  1. Lovin some rusty trombone eh?

  2. There are some comedic gems in those Seagal movies. Like when he finds the owner of the puppy in Out for Justice. It is the first time I have heard the term "fucknuts" and it sounded like the a scene from The Jerky Boys. The mouse scene, where Richie's boys are arguing about killing the mouse is classic.

  3. One movie missing: The Man from No Where

    Came out within the last two years, passable plot, but the end fight scene is easily on par with the best fight scenes ever, especially the knife fight at the end. You did say no weapons, so maybe this will make it into another installment.

    This is most of it.

  4. I think the thing about Bruce Lee is that, while the fighting maybe less impressive by modern standards, nobody can match him for swagger. Everything he does in that clip says "what now, bitch?" And when he sees those bottles, and heads for that guy? Hard.

    1. Fighting not up to modern standards??? Who in the movies now move as fast as he did? Who has that economy of movement, that focus ?

  5. Another Tony Jaa one, not the best scene in the movie but a good opener, first second is the best.

  6. Second Ip Man. The fight scene against the black belts was very good.

  7. I've seen most of those films, and apart from Riki-Oh; Flash Point with Donnie Yen's far superior. It tries to be fairly serious, but there is a bit where the police cheif's retirement party is thwarted by a bomb inside a cake.

    Also, how old were you when you realised that Dr. Hatsumi wasn't really a ninja?

    1. I've never really thought of anyone as "ninja's" since I was oh, 12. Part of me going to Oregon was to also escape a lot of things going on in my youth.

    2. Dr. Hatsumi may not really be a ninja, but he sure can move like lightning. Related question, what was your impression of the training you got from Rob Bascue, if you don't mind my asking? One hears a lot about Bujinkan taijutsu etc., and it looks like something that in theory ought to be effective assuming it is taught in a non-retarded manner, which from the sound of your description of it, it was not.


    3. He's a good guy, trains people hard, and do whatever he has to do to make you better. As I noted in my write up about him, he took in a young wayward kid more or less, and taught him a lot of valuable lessons about life. Whether that was directly or indirectly it doesn't matter, he helped put me on a path that changed my life.

  8. Regarding the ninja thing, best fight seen ever starts at 13:37

  9. Man man this is great stuff.
    The perfect wapon i watched that movie over and over, some good oldies.

  10. Can someone Identify this movie I saw back in 94 or 95 I’m not sure if it was made then it may have been the 80s really not sure the name or the actors. What I do recall is a gory part in this film. I think this takes place maybe in a bar with 2 guys the one guy grabs this big bearded guy gets him in a arm lock slowly starts twisting his arm around until the bone pops out then tears his arm off completely I think it was about gangsters or maybe drug dealers maybe. I also remember towards the end this Asian bad guy with a goatee gets his head blown right off by the same guy who tore the other guys arm off I have looked and looked online but cant not find it. This is the only description I can give of this movie

  11. Can someone Identify this movie I saw back in 94 or 95 I’m not sure if it was made then it may have been the 80s really not sure the name or the actors. What I do recall is a gory part in this film. I think this takes place maybe in a bar with 2 guys the one guy grabs this big bearded guy gets him in a arm lock slowly starts twisting his arm around until the bone pops out then tears his arm off completely I think it was about gangsters or maybe drug dealers maybe. I also remember towards the end this Asian bad guy with a goatee gets his head blown right off by the same guy who tore the other guys arm off I have looked and looked online but cant not find it. This is the only description I can give of this movie

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