Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There were titties discussed at great length, a decent amount of training, and Phil from Ironradio sat in, high as shit on Percs.  When I say high, I'm talking At one point, he says he wants to fuck Attila the Hun.  This is good shit.


  1. I think by CNBYE 105 you guys will still be talking about the beetus.

  2. I think the problem with going Helen of Troy, etc., is that there is not accounting for what passed for "most beautiful woman in the world" in antiquity. Even in relatively recent history, elizabethan England fashion had women being most attractive if they had really high foreheads, meaning a lot of forehead between their eyebrows and their hair-line, making their face looks like it's way at the bottom of their head in some of the portraits from that time. Best to stick with someone whose looks you can verify, or you may be in for a rude surprise when your hour starts with the lady.

  3. "You just called out a whole fucking crew!"

    Great stuff.

  4. Just for you Paul:



  5. I agree, you should do the next one drunk!

  6. Paul, whats the song playing at the beggining and end of the podcast?

  7. hey, just started following your blog.
    nice podcast. about the most evil guy... check this one out


    he had some sort of neural disfunction and could only cum while killing. maybe some topic for next time.

    greetings from germany

    1. I am very aware of Andrei. I was a serial killer fanatic for years (should I tell this?). He isn't known well in the states but my Russian buddies freaked out when I went over his whole life history, and why I would know such.

    2. yeah it´s some of the sickest / interesting stuff i´ve seen. his sperm expressed different dna than his blood which was the reason they weren´t able to confirm his doings in the first place.
      i study medicine and never found more than a short mention about a topic such as this, although some serial killers seem to have had a similiar abnormalities.

      keep on the good work, I really like the no bullshit aproach. it has become very rare nowadays...