Monday, May 7, 2012

MMA Blurb

In March, I wasn't much looking forward to UFC 145. In retrospect, I think that MacDonalds Mac-whooping was worth it alone, but knew Jones was going to use his range for the win. I kept picturing Rashaad as little Mac from Mike Tysons punch out. I prefer Rashaad over Jones, as far as personality, but barring a drastic style change, he just wasn't going to win. Maybe in the future, when those long limbs age a little bit. Guys are starting to document holes in Jones's style, so it's only a matter of time before he's caught.

So now 146 isn't going to be quite the same. I am still trying to process all the change. Overeem is out for 9 months, which seems light. Frank Mir is taking the slot against Junior Dos Santos and is underrated. Antonio Silva is fighting Cain. Big Country is fighting Gabriel Gonzaga Dave Herman. Mark Hunt is fighting Stephen Struve. Lots of changes but it's still looking to be a great card.

So then the media has been throwing these ETDE ratios around. Looking through some science articles, and some google-fu, ETDE doesn't indicate that you were juicing, necessarily. A  testosterone to epitestosterone ratio of 14:1 is bad news. I don't disagree, but it's still less than Sonnen's, and definitely not the highest ever. The standard ETDE medium is 1.33, and a standard deviation of .86 but yet NSAC has a cutoff of 6:1, which puts guys with low testosterone, or higher estrogen, at a disadvantage.

It seems to me that they should be testing for exact PEDs and not ratio that merely allude somethings, without specifics.

So what happens at this supposed cutoff? Fighters that were honest with the commission, got treated the worst. While Overeem and Sonnen seemingly made up stories, stuck to them, and received leniency. The Overeem had until April 24th to apply for an exemption, but that died off with his explanation of testosterone laced anti-inflammatory injections for his broken rib, from the worst doctor in the US. Bull shit meters going off all over the place, but I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, so what the fuck do I know.

It's worth mentioning, that in his 'The Reem' video, he visits a doctor in Texas, that specializes in Testosterone therapy. Just saying.

Why does Nevada seem to be the state to most often catch fighters? Maybe they're the only honest state commission. I don't have anything to back that assertion up other than all the fighters caught in that state. Seems like a lot. It's not like Nevada is afraid to completely fucking wreck a card or future promotions over something like weed.

These guys are professionals with small windows of profitability. I think it's dumb they can't arm their bodies for success while in their prime. None of the governing bodies or their regulations are going to pay Allistar when his body breaks down. What does it matter if it's from getting Chuck Lidelled too much or from turning his lame horse into a Kentucky derby winner. It's not like laziness is going to win him belts.

We should have a place for Allistar in this interim testing period. Quite the opposite set of requirements for him. A place where, just before each fight, the fighters are injected with testosterone laced anti-inflammatory rabies, and locked in an octagon. If it gets out of hand, shoot em with darts.

Barring anymore epic changes to UFC 146, it should be good. Overeem is noticeably absent, and the card doesn't feel quite the same, but it's still got plenty of talent for the paper-view price tag. AKA: Still buying it.

MMA Happenings

Finally, a fight night on Fox that rivaled paper-view. You just can't escape the Diaz brothers.

UFC 148 is no longer a 'Super Card'. Cruz has torn his ACL.
I've read some rumors that Rousey did it to him training.

I found this piece on fixes in MMA, after finding this amateur fighter who claims to have taken a dive.

Since Koscheck was so sensitive about age, I thought I'd bring some numbers.

Rampage is beefing with the UFC again. He's pretty mad this time.

Some old bad ass Full Contact covers.

The greatest fights that never happened.

NEWS FLASH****Tim Silva uploads home video. Is invincible at 265lbs!

Dana white sits down with Ed O'Neil to wax MMA.

Dana talks about a couple things.


  1. Little Mac is supposed to look like Jack Dempsey. And he does, if you imagine everyone else is Jess Willard.

  2. I find it interesting that so many people wanted to pick Rashad since Machida basically walked through him and then Jones finished Machida. I don't know how long you'll have to wait for Jones to slow down since he is only 24. As much as I like Hendo, it's pretty much a gimme fight for Jones at this point.

    The Overeem case at this point I don't know. They might as well make PED's mandatory and level the playing field.