Saturday, May 12, 2012

Small Workout #2

Bodyweight - 247

Cable Face Pulls - 10 sets of 20
Triceps - 5 sets
Calves - stack x 15,10
Cardio - treadmill suckage for 15


  1. Did you just do some treadmill walking or were you sprinting on that thing? I tried Jim's treadmill incline sprints the other day and they kicked my ass badly.

    Ever tried JM presses BTW? I noticed most of your tricep work is volume stuff (DB skulls, pushdowns, extensions, always for high reps/sets), you don't see any value in heavier tricep work?

    1. Just walked. I like all my running outside.

      I used to do JM presses, but I don't like em. Since I do all my bench close grip I figure that's heavy tricep work. But as far as stuff like skulls and pushdowns, etc no I don't think there is a lot of merit in going heavy on that stuff. I don't think there is any great benefit to it.

    2. Yeah running is usually better outside, but the weather was so bad that I just stayed indoors.
      As for your tricep stuff, that makes sense. No real need for JM press with a CG bench, and going real heavy on pushdowns or skulls just leads to all sorts of weird looking "techniques".

  2. what does your diet look like?