Monday, May 28, 2012

Small Session #1

Bodyweight - 252

Tit Machine Rear Delts - 6 sets of 20
Rope Pushdowns - half stack x 5 set of 20
Curls - 5 sets of 15

Notes - Groggy as shit.  Like a zombie.  Will do steady state later tonight.


  1. When it comes to steady state, I have two questions for you:

    1. Fasted in the morning, or any time of the day? (you seem to prefer fasted)

    2. How long?

    I'm sort of intrigued by how you do this outside seeing as I always have a difficult time assessing my pace, treadmills are easier in that sense but obviously rarely available (unless you live close to your gym)

    1. I like fasted in the morning. usually 30-40 minutes.

      I have a route I do every morning. I don't lolly gag I just get it in. I walk as hard as I can without it being exaggerated.

  2. Hey Paul,

    Is your training book almost done? I have read your older version on training for Mass and love it. Very excited to see the new one.

    1. It's done. Just doing the fine touches on it, getting pictures done and such.