Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chaos and Bang Your Earballs 12!!!

Things we covered (in no particular order) -

Jamie's meet
Gym Lifts vs Comp Lifts
How to get a threesome with 2 chics
How we'd bang Sigourney Weaver (position wise)
Recreational Drugs
Why most women can't give good head



  1. great, and MR Bang, ive killed my adductors two days ago (LBR template) they are sooo not able to walk, lift or run (still i can bang) properly..i hope my massage therapist will be able to fix me (need to do my back session ! today i cant but mayby tomorrow) some tips for destroyed muscles?

    1. Yup. Do the same movement that made them super sore all over again. I swear it works. It will hurt for a while when you ar doing it. But the next day.....soreness all gone.

  2. Can you still order the paper back or are they all spoken for?

    1. nick,
      as soon as the shipment arrives I will have them available again.

  3. I was the one who asked that question about "impressive gym lifts."

    I've actually seen a few myself - at least what I'd consider impressive by any account. I used to train at a pretty damn good gym that housed a few powerlifters, an Oly lifter or two, etc.

    Best lifts I saw there were a 295 strict press for reps (although it was seated) from one of the powerlifters, and this one stocky guy who would come into the gym quietly, pull 6-7 plates for reps, and reverse-grip bench 315-365 to warm up for his actual bench press.

    At my current gym there's this little old lady who used to come in every day and train (in a walker!). Must have been around 80...she'd apparently been training ever since she was in her teens. To date she's still the only person to ever get carried out of that gym on a stretcher due to overexertion while lifting - and get this: she was back the next morning.

    Now that's a lifer.

  4. Hey in defense of the Stormtroopers, it's all Darth Vader's vault.

    The original Clone Troopers were created from the baddest motherfucker in the entire galaxy, Jango Feet, a guy that wipedout single handedly most of a invading Jedi army and on another occasion an entire ship of mercenaries. The clones were fucking deadly the Jedi themselves feared them (that's the general cannon folder clone trooper I'm talking about, the Clone Commandos could hold off entire armies with a 6 man squad), and they were so intelligent that they where starting to realize they could take down the Empire by themselves, so Darth Vader got all scared and shit and said "Well fuck this shit" and disbanded the Clone Corps and allowed non-clone untrained civilians to join the Imperial army, creating the Stormtrooper corps. By the time Episode IV rolled most clones had died off ( their lifespan was about 30 years), those that still lived where mostly officers or commanders, and the footpad soldier where the stupid can't shoot for shit Stormtroopers you see in the movie.

    Yeah I'm a fucking Star Wars nerd and I am proud of it.

  5. Welcome Back, Kotter was on before I was even born, but I caught a few episodes randomly here and there, and it's actually pretty funny. You should give it a shot Paul.

  6. WHAT THE FUCK! No training talk at all. How am I suppose to train now?


    1. Oh I forgot. Guess I gotta starting training again.
      Nahhh I'll wait for new years

  7. Is this supposed to be 11, or is this really 12?

  8. Not to swing on your nuts too hard...but C&B and ironradio are two of the best podcasts out there imo. keep it up.

  9. Bill Hicks and Louis CK. Aware yourselves