Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Training - Heavy Legs

bodyweight - 238

leg ext - warm up - 4x20

High Bar Oly Style Squats -

Hack Squats - 315x8,8,8
Calf Raises - stack x 18
Good Girl Machine - stack x 13

Notes - So, no quad pain today with 455.  I kept "feeling" for it, but I think it's gone.  However, the area that was injured is weak.  I can tell.  It feels like the muscles in there aren't firing correctly, so I will not be going above 455 in squats for a while.  Yes, I feel like a complete pussy because this is a weight I've smoked for 12+ before.  So to be doing triples with it feels like I've been kicked in the nuts, but I need to be smart about  this and not push it.

If you bought SLL, then you will know, there is a healing process in rehab, then a strengthening process.  I am pretty sure I am healed, however I am many weeks out from being back to 100% in the strengthening process.  I'd love to hit 455x20 before I get started with meet prep.  That'd set me up for a nice meet prep run.  660 beltless mother fuckers.  Sounds nice.

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July.


  1. how often do you switch between high and low bar? even though it's lower reps than youre used to, it's still pretty fucking impressive..

    heal up man.

    1. I'm going to high bar for a few months while the leg heals up. I use both pretty often. High bar for most of my pause squats.

    2. nice. those 455 5 sec pause squats were ridiculous..

      i'll be there one day.

      happy 4th

  2. Paul would you recommend just running the new big-15 year round for someone who's main goal is bodybuilding/size gains? Or would you alternate it with strong-15 at some point anyway for a change of pace?

    1. Remember that both can compliment each other.

      Build your muscular base, then when you stagnate for a while, go over to the strong-15 for a cycle or two. AFter that, go back to the big-15. They both help each other.

  3. I bought your latest book and love the philosophy's in it. I am current training mma and plan on running ur Minimulastic powerlifting 2 day split with your week 1 bench and week 2 squat pergression. Maxes will be kept below realistic to help reduce d.o.m.s . With conditioning and skill work being a priority. Also I am a law enforcement officer and wish more men had your thoughts on how they should live there life. My job would be easier, all beat it more boring

    1. Thanks man. And that's one of my fave splits.

  4. Glad to see your plan is still working Paul. Out of curiosity, do you do your hacks on a machine or with a barbell?

    1. Machine. I don't think I'll even be going to 455 after today. Leg is very sore.