Sunday, July 15, 2012

Congrats to J Lewis

Jamie hit a deadlift PR of 661 at his meet today.  Big congrats to him on that and for competing in general.

Check out the shitty video of it.........


Also, just in case no one knew, he also did gay porn.


  1. Do you think the gay porn fuels his PRs? Maybe that's the secret.

    1. Not sure. You should go do one and let me know if you hit any PR's!

    2. HaHa thanks for sharing! Was the gay porn performed at the meet? I always thought those spotters performed a dual role.

      Anyhoo, it's his body, his life, he's the only one that gets to live it. Yes I am plagiarizing your words Paul.

  2. If I was going to do porn I'd stay conditioned like Pudz.

    A few years ago at the Adult Film Awards, I was told that Ron Jeremy couldn't get around without an oxygen tank. What good was that giant dick when ol' boy couldn't breathe without assistance??? It wasn't worth shit. If someone had attacked his woman they could have banged her right in front of him, and he would have been totally incapable of defending her... or he would have grabbed a camera and joined in, whatever.

  3. god damn that is a strong pull...

  4. i did not know but suspected he dabbled in some same sex stuff.