Saturday, July 14, 2012

Training Schedule

For anyone that gives a shit, here is what the rest of my year will look like training wise.

I post this up to give you an idea of how I plan things.  That you shouldn't just count "meet training weeks" and things like that.  That your whole year should be based on doing certain things (specifically), and having certain goals.

Wednesday 18Jun12 - Resume Training
2 Big Sessions a week - 1 small session - big15 training

Wednesday 01Aug12 - Bump Calories by adding extra carbs to 1 meal, continue mass training

Monday 10Sep12 - Start no-deload deload

Saturday 15Sep12 - Start meet prep.  Squat and pull every other week, bench every other week with heavy incline on alternating week.  First heavy squat/dead session in prep for November meet.

Saturday 03Sep12 - Last heavy squat/dead

Wednesday 07Nov12 - Last heavy bench

Saturday 10Nov12 - Light squat/pull

Saturday 17Nov12 - UPA meet

Post-meet - Sit down and figure out next schedule.


  1. Dates are all screwed up - starting meet prep two days before the meet and both are Saturdays???

    1. That's what I get for trying to write this out before my coffee had kicked in.

  2. Are you running the LRB Template for meet prep and just replacing high rep inclines with heavy inclines?

    What % of my max is best to plug into LRB template to get the most out of the 6 weeks?


    1. No, because I will only be training twice a week. I will squat one week and pull the next.

      I have a whole article on how to use the strong-15 with the LRB template.

  3. That's a tad more detailed than my 'Do Madcow until it stops giving me gains' :D

  4. What's conditioning gonna be like during this time?

    1. Probably steady state 2-3 days a week and that's it.

  5. Cool. I did that UPA meet last year. May have to do it again this year as it would be fun to hang out.