Sunday, July 29, 2012

Training - Small session

Bodyweight - 243

Pull Aparts - light band x30,15,5,5 (last two sets grabbing it with hands very close)

Barbell curls - 65x60 reps non-stop
Prone Band Tricep Extensions - 100 reps


  1. I'm been at school all summer and going home for about a month. I need to save some cash in between gyms, got any suggestions for ridiculous conditioning/bodyweight stuff? It'll only be about 3 weeks but the most ill have access to is maybe hoodrat equipment in someone's garage. Just wonderining if you've had experience with a layoff like this

    1. Yeah when I was training to go into the military I did a shit ton of bodyweight work. Lots of ladder circuits. I may write about it soon.

  2. Yea that'd be awesome, I'd definitely put it into practice...

  3. Paul which set of bands did you get from etfs?