Saturday, July 28, 2012

Training - Squats and Tugs

Bodyweight - 238

Pause Squats -
high bar - 350x3x3
low bar - 350x3x3
that's 3 sets of 3 on both

Below the knee pulls -

Lat Pulldowns - 5x10

Notes - Felt tired as hell.  I think I have some kind of residual leftovers from the stomach bug earlier in the week.  Oh well.


  1. Great site. Learned about you from Wendler's site. I've never lifted weights. I do BW exercise ( one arm push ups, pullups, hand stand pushups, single leg squats, bridges, leg raises). I am also very active, mtn bike, rock climb, hill sprints, etc. Thinking of startinglifting after reading your stuff. I always keep myself strong and in shape (6' 185) but am now gonna run a squat/press/dead/bench program. 100 curls w/ 45lb bar was brutal! Gave it a go after seeing you do it. Co worker got 55, I did 101 for good measure. Just became a mental thing. I just wouldn't stop until I made it, or my arms refuse to go. Boy that was uncomfortable. Keep it up, great stuff

  2. Paul,

    Any suggestions on the best brands/places to buy isolate at the lowest price? I'm currently looking at NOW Foods, any experience with them?

  3. Hey Paul, whats your favorite method of building the hamstrings? Also, if pulling stiff leg deadlifts from the floor feels better to me, is there any reason or benefit from doing them from the hang position, as you do? Maybe its a technical issue but when I do them from the hang I never feel them in my hams and never get sore there. But pulled from the floor, I feel them working and always get sore hams after a hard stiff leg session.

    1. Then do them the way that gets you sore. However, doing then from the top as I do, isn't any different. Your technique should still be the same.

  4. Howdy Paul.

    I'm good for a 550lb Deadlift and I'm ready to run one of the 9 week cycles from SLL. You mentioned that for programming we should set a "nice little goal".

    Is a 50 lb to leap to 600lb single for Phase 3 way too ambitous? I'm orangutan armed so that might be something to factor in....

    1. Hmmmmmmm......would 50 pounds on your dead in 9 weeks be too tell me?

    2. LOL, Probably not but my ego is telling me I need to be deadlifting 600 ASAP!

      I'll shoot for something more realistic, like 570lb, thanks.