Monday, July 23, 2012

Congrats to Eric Lilliebridge

Eric went over 2200 this past weekend.  I have tremendous respect for the entire Lilliebrdige family, not just as lifters but they are without  a doubt, some of the very best people I know.

Eric is going to eventually take that all time total in the 275 class.


  1. 2204 @ 273.8
    854.3 squat
    529 bench
    821.2 deadlift

    3:17 for 3rd squat attempt
    6:06 for 3rd bench attempt
    8:22 for 3rd deadlift attempt

  2. 1000kg raw, that is fukin crazy, and still under 275

  3. Just read your interview with him in 2010. Very thorough and great insight into his training and his thinking. He's had good coaching and seems like a grounded kid.

  4. I don't really follow powerlifting much since I quit competing so I didn't know who he was until the interview here. I wish all the big lifters would stop hiding behind their big geared numbers and go raw. Eric going 2204 is cool because the number means something. It wasn't done with some new supersuit that no one else has heard of yet. I just don't understand why raw lifting isn't more popular with lifters. The meets go faster, there's much less to worry about and less variables to train for.
    OK, sorry for the rant. Nice going Eric!

    1. Rants are always welcome Frank.

      And you're 100% right about all of those guys being strong and not just good pullers. There are quite a few guys out there now that can pull 800+ but can't bench half of that. That is NOT strong to me. You have to be more than a 1 lift wonder.

  5. hey Paul,
    since you and Eric correspond a lot, what does he do in the way of conditioning/cardio? he's crazy lean for 275. thanks

    1. As far as I know nothing. And he eats really shitty. He's in his early 20's with superior genetics. A real 1%er.