Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Training - Press and Upperback

Weight - 240

Incline - bar x 25,25
315x8-4 50% set

Giant Set For Upperback - All three movements done without rest
T-Bar Rows - 2 plates x 10 x 5 sets
Band Pull Aparts - x10 reps x 5 sets
Upright Rows - 65 x 10 x 5 sets

Notes - I felt ok, but the last two days I have had awful stomach cramps and diarrhea.  So I was pretty dehydrated and weak.  Still I pushed as hard as I could and did what I could.  You aren't always going to be training under the most ideal of physical conditions, so sometimes you just have to man the fuck up and do work.  Somehow I managed the 4 reps on the 50% set too.  How, I'm still not sure.


  1. That's a brutal workout, even more so that you're sick. When you do your upright rows do you do them with your hands wide apart like a snatch, or closer together? I've always done them closer together but just read that it's better for your shoulders to do them wide. Wondering what you thought. Hope you feel better, thanks.

    1. Close together. Usually on an ez curl bar if I go light.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Hey Paul, I'm looking for some advice on going about getting an MRI for an injury around where my hip adductors/hamstring insert into my glutes. Its been going on 9 months now and I figure its time to shell out the money to figure out whats going on with it. Its rendered me unable to squat or DL the entire time. Do you have any advice for getting one done?

    1. 1. Get the MRI done

      2. Get some GH.

      3. ???

      4. Profit

  3. Hi Paul,

    I am looking forward to getting the book as i hope it will cure me for being this weak.

    Anyway I was wondering what is your take on super setting different body part together ex:press and chins?

    had any good gains with it or should it just be used when you are just trying to cut or loose fat.

    -John (From Norway) :D

    1. I like super setting or alternating sets like that. Allows more work to be done in the same amount of time.

      I don't really change what I do in my training when I am losing fat or eating more. That's more about your diet and conditioning.

    2. Thank you for your reply.

      i just have one more question to the same topic though.

      if/when doing supersets, do you do it with compound movements or just small lifts movements?

      do you feel that the second exercise suffers due to the first one?


    3. I do em for both. I don't always do supersets though. Usually alternating sets where I do a set of one thing, then a set of something else.

      For supersets, if I do them, I usually do smaller movements.

  4. Hey Paul, so I've given myself 37 days (end of August) to go from roughly 14.5% bodyfat to 10 or less, so as to run the big-15 program without becoming a total fatshit. I've committed myself to refraining from any alcohol and keeping my weekly carb-up meal totally clean (oats, potatoes, and rice) during this stretch. I also think I'm gonna try the ephedrine/caffeine stack (I believe Jamie is a supporter of that?) during this time. I'd like to check in on the blog weekly just to let you or anyone who gives a crap know how it's going. Thanks for everything you and Jamie do for the lifting community and keep up the good work!

  5. Paul, I've read your darksidin articles a few times this week as I've been at a crossroad after 5 years of serious training naturally. I'm also on HRT.

    The crossroad I'm at is the physique and look I'm after just isn't realistic naturally (200-210 at a legit 7-8% bf). However, I'm not looking to compete anytime soon, but simply just prefer a certain physique style. If I did turn to the sauce, I plan on using low doses of test to inch my way there (getting the most out of the least type of deal) over time and not adding in other compounds. No orals or other injectables. Simple shit. Would you classify this under a fucked up darksiding obsession that needs to be wiped from my head or a legit goal/reason to use?

    1. If you're on HRT you're already on a low dose test are you not?

      Second, what is your training history?

    2. Yes 100mg a week to be exact. Been training for 6 years, 5 seriously. By 'seriously' I mean training with a goal in mind with mesocycles etc. In that time I've learned what splits work and don't work for me, what volume, frequency, and intensity works for my upper and lower body. Have also learned what amount of food it takes for me to grow, how much is too much and how to get down to the single digits in bf. Started with 5x5 programs then powerlifting splits for awhile, then DC and 5/3/1 before settling on my favorite 3 day upper/lower/upper, lower upper lower. Technique wise I originally learned the big 3 from Mark bell and his team at Supertraining gym. Think that pretty much covers a vague overview of my training history

    3. Bump to 250 and go to work then......

    4. Pretty much the exact jump I was thinking of. Thanks Paul.

      Also, one thing that really hit home in your article(s) was the massive doses people use. While learning about the stuff I came across a group of dudes that regularly blast up to 1500mg of test alone and add in all kinds of other shit. Some even said "T is a pussy drug and wont get you anywhere". Is this fucked up mindset just purely from never learning how to train/eat right and relying on a bigger dose all the time like you said? Its gotta be scary as fuck to take 4 grams of shit..add in the other fact that its sometimes out of a bathtub lab and that shit blows my mind..

    5. All of the very elite strongest guys I know blast test like crazy.

  6. paul,

    for back training looking towards a better bench (hope this makes sense) would you choose heavy t-bars or croc rows. if its t-bar what rep and set range?

    Started with my rehab 5 x 20 x 20kg for bench press and ohp and all feels good.


    1. For raw benching you mainly need to learn how to set the upperback into the bench. I don't think that upperback training will translate into a bigger bench to be honest. That's some shit that came out of westside and ran wild from there.

      The main thing to do is to make sure you row into the area where you also lower the bar to when you bench.

    2. ok i understand, dave tate and others always claim lats and a bigger platform is needed for a bigger bench.

      ok so what should i do, for upper back which is the best option to do croc rows or t-bars (forgetting about the bench). upper back i have not to much ideas. i used to do pullups and chins but biceps tendonitis made this impossible.

    3. that's mostly for guys wearing bench shirts.

      you should definitely build your back as big and thick as it will get (that sounded gay). Do both t-bars and db rows. There is no reason to limit it.