Saturday, August 27, 2011

Body composition changes since the meet and my diet/condtioning

Woke up this morning feeling pretty lean.  So I went downstairs and weighed.

235.7  before breakfast/coffee/water.

I am generally weighing 242-244 by the evenings.

That means since about a week after the meet I've gone from a high of 272 (bloated the day after the meet but generally walking around at 262-265) to 235-244 (morning to evening) now.  And I'm not done.  Right now the goal is to get as lean as possible and get into a top level of conditioning.  I have no idea what my weight will end up at but I feel good about my progress.

Just to add, there was no "supplement" change.  This has been nothing but diet and conditioning.  I've been trying to log all of my conditioning as much as possible so you can see how much I am doing.  I haven't had a cheat in in pretty much 5 or 6 weeks.  As soon as I cleaned up my diet after the meet I dropped 8-10 pounds very quickly.  So I went from 265ish to around 255-258 pretty quickly.  Since then it's been very steady.

The only difference is on a workout day I will have a slice or two of rye with organic jelly and another cup of cottage cheese.  After the workout I will have 2 scoops of of egg protein (will write about this in an upcoming article) in 2 cups of milk.  Also if I feel terribly flat during the week I will add in a nice serving of wheat pasta at dinner.  But that's about it.

I will be getting my bodyfat checked this week to get a ballpark figure of where I am at. 

I am smoother looking than any guess would be because for me, this is fairly low carb and I flatten out a lot.  Also, I've never been a chiseled ab guy, even when I'm gotten down to 205 @ 6% bodyfat.  I just don't have those deep etched abs like some guys do, even when they are at higher bodyfat levels.  

My guess is 225-229 (morning weight) will put my back in the 9-10% range, and in the evenings about the same weight I am now.  So 235 or so at 9-10%.  This is good progress for me over the past two years.  I used to have to get down to around 220-222 to get into the 10% range, so in the past two years I've put on a very solid 10 pounds or so.  This is very good progress for someone that has been in this game as long as I have, especially with some of the injuries I've had in that time as well.  

I haven't done anything fancy except be consistent with my diet and conditioning.  Which has been the following pretty much every day.........

Breakfast - 
7 egg whites with 1 whole egg and turkey
1 cup of oatmeal

Lunch - 
8 ounces of grilled chicken
1 cup of brown rice
1.5 cups of broccoli 

Snack - 
Met-Rx or protein powder

Pre-workout - 1-2 slices of rye with 2 TBS of organic jelly and 1 cup of cottage cheese

Dinner -
8-10 ounces of sirloin
Large salad or mixed veggies or more broccoli 

Snack - 
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 TBS natural peanut butter

This dials me in about perfect and does kind of a built in carb cycling approach.  I prefer to lose bodyfat more slowly than some because it has a muscle sparing effect.  My strength has dipped a little bit but not terribly.  I am still good for a 600+ beltless squat, 400+ bench, and 600+ pull.  

Another 3-4 weeks I will give an update.

Nutrient Breakdowns

Lifting Days - 

Carbohydrates 231 g
Protein 332 g
Fats 98 g
Saturated Fat 38 g

Non-Lifting Days -

Carbohydrates 163 g
Protein 265 g
Fats 86 g
Saturated Fat 32 g
Fiber 30 g


  1. Hi PC. Great progress. How tall are you?

  2. Has the clean eating/BF loss made any change to your BP, or still running a little hot? Curious, because I'm slightly over on systolic/diastolic but admittedly have room to clean up the diet.

  3. BP was 109/70 at the doc Monday so yeah, huge difference.

  4. I find it funny when these internet gurus and message board moderators come out from behind their screennames to post a video or pictures. The message board badass writing "Arm training for Intermediate Bodybuilders" turns out to be a fat shit with a 400lb squat. It's equally amusing when Mr. Aesthetics fails to mention that each tuna and water meal should be accompanied by a side of winnie and primo depot. Your blog, however, is a breath of fresh air in an elevator full of farts. You walk the walk and lay it all out there. Keep it coming killer.

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