Sunday, August 28, 2011

Training and Conditioning

Did this yesterday

Afternoon -

Bodyweight - 244

Shrugs - 135 x 30, 225 x 20, 315 x 10, 405 x 10, 500x3,3,3 585x3,3,3 635x3,3,3 500x5,5,5

Db Rows (no straps) - 150 x 10,10

Leg Curls - 50 x 2 sets of 10

Incline Db Curls - 40's x 2 sets of 15

Notes - Felt like shit.  Not quite a -10% session but really damn close.  I kept doing the shrugs hoping I would "wake up" but too little carbs on this particular day and I slept in really late.  Feel like I never woke up.

Late evening - 45 minute steady state

I went out after and got pretty lit the fuck up drinking, which I have not done in quite a while, thus negating most of my cardio.  That's ok, you gotta live a little too.

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