Monday, August 22, 2011

Training - Pressing

Bodyweight - 244

Press Behind the Neck - bar x 30, 135 x 15, 155 x 5, 185 x 5, 255 x 5,5,5

Close Grips - 225 x 8, 315 x 3, 335 x 3

Upright Rows - 66x15, 115x8, 135x8,8,8
V-Bar Pushdowns - warm up, 75x15,15,15

Notes - Was tired as shit but had a solid one.  Nothing spectacular but everything felt light and easy the way a good 80% session should feel.  I got my own shirt in, and I'm not just sayin this, but it looks damn cool.  I already had several comments on it (all good you fuckers).  Yes this is the more expensive one of the bunch but the poly/cotton is my fave shirt material because it feels awesome.


  1. Hey Paul, solid work. Diggin the shirt and the write-ups as usual.

  2. Hey, nice lats!

    So, do all the t-shirts / hoodies have death is winning on the back? The pics don't, but I'm wondering if that's just a website hiccup.

  3. Hey A - Only the poly cotton shirt comes with that. The reason is the more "stuff" I put on the shirt the more expensive it gets. I personally think that $35 for a shirt is pricey but until I get my own printing spreadshirt will have to do.

  4. You should go the Ed Hardy route. Just put a bunch of random shit on your shirts and charge $80 for them.

  5. Made them a fortune. I don't have enough dirtbag in me yet to do that.

  6. So if I want to fight death, I do it in poly cotton. Useful info!

  7. hey paul, i have the ED Coan extreme powerlifting DVD training series and watching ED he used a linear periodization program starting 10 weeks out(for the bench for instance) with 2x10 then the next week 2x8 then so on and so on...until the 10th week he was at 1 rep. i see that on your training routines you suggest 1 top set of 1 and so this to avoid burn out from doing the lighter higher reps like ED did? i guess my question is, is why dont you use the same progression but use only singles? thanks.

  8. Personal preference.

    I found when I ran longer periodization cycles like that I would get burnt about halfway through. So I shortened my cycles to 6-8 weeks and kept my competition lifts at singles because well, at the meet you do a single. Just made sense to me.

    Lots of guys do great with those kinds of cycles, I just found I could never program properly with them to fit my training style or recovery ability. YMMV.

  9. no, i think i'm the same way when it comes to burn out. i did a cycle that way a few months ago. i was hitting a wall about 7 weeks into it, and it was a 10 week layout.