Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Training - Condition - Legs - Conditioning

Tuesday night - 25 40-yard sprints

Wednesday - Legs

Hip and Ass Machine
Calf Press

Squat - no belt no wraps - 135 x 10,5 225 x 5,  315x5, 405x5, 455x5, 500x3, 515x1, 405x5

Leg Ext - 4 sets of 10
Adductor - 2 sets of 10
1 Legged Squats - 1x20

4 hours later - 30 minute steady state walk with 4 sprints thrown in for good measure.

Notes - Tweaked the hammy a bit on Tuesday night and it was still a bit tender during squats so I just popped an easy single at 515 and called it a night there.  My hernia wasn't feeling too great by the time I did the 405 back off so I went right into my pre-hab work after that.

I've been racking my fucking brain since the meet to get everything all together for my training.  This is something I wrote about a while back but I didn't want to cover the whole thing until it was dialed in.  I wasn't going to implement it either until I had it on paper like I knew it should "feel" in the gym, which was another reason I was kind of jumping around a bit.  But I'm pretty sure I can go ahead and start tinkering around with it.  It's going to be pretty fucking awesome and it wraps all my philosophies and ideas and pre-hab and everything together.  But I'm NOT covering it now because I do have some kinks to work out and I also want to see how things go after hernia surgery (whenever that is).

Stay tuned....


  1. Paul,

    Thanks for the great blog. I had a couple questions about deadlift. I am short w/ short arms which I think is my #1 problem with me. I've been experimenting with different knee, back, hip angles. I read Dave Tates articles talking about making the deadlift like a see-saw to get your weight back on your heels and not getting too close to your shins. My questions are this:

    1. Do you line up shoulders slightly behind bar (see saw) or more over the top of it?

    2. My form seems to go to shit and I can't stay back on my heels with my heaviest single any tips on that?

    3. Lastly how often do you train deadlift, and how often do you do heavy singles as in 90-95% max?



  2. Sam - I don't agree with the shoulders behind the bar thing. I'm not sure why that keeps being written but if you watch any great pulled their shoulders are over the bar to start, not behind them.

    If you watch this Andy Bolton deadlift video you will see that when he starts his pull his shoulders are directly over the bar. Not behind it.

    Form is never going to be perfect on a max single. Ever. Stop fretting this.

    I generally train the dead heavy once a week in prep for a meet. Otherwise every other week. If I'm pulling singles I always pull in the 90% range BUT based on a certain top weight.

    The most I will pull going into a meet is arund 95% and that is only in the last week of the whole cycle.

    My advice to you as a guy with short arms and bad deadlift leverage is to pound the shit out of your upperback, lats, and hams and don't grind out a ton of volume on the dead. Three progressively heavy singles then concentrate on big shrugs, heavy fucking rows, GM's and leg curls. Don't grind away single after single on the dead. It's not a lift that seems to like a ton of volume for most people (no matter how much they like it). Warm up, hit three solid singles, and get in a ton of upperback and ham work. That will fix you up, guarenteed.