Sunday, August 7, 2011

Training - Legs

Bodyweight - 251

Warm ups - hip and ass, good girl, bad girl

Calf Press - stack x 15 with 2 second stretches

Leg Curls (strive machine, all tension at the start) - 110 x 11,6,5 r/p

Squats - no belt/no wraps - 405 x 12, 455 x 5

Adductor Machine - 130 x 8,3,2 r/p

Notes - not a terrible session.  Fairly solid.  An 80%er.  I didn't realize how much the leg curls would take out of me on the squat but it did.  405 felt like no weight on my back, as it should, but coming out of the hole was more difficult than I anticipated.  I would really like to hit 500x10 like this, in a fatigued state, so that's something I will try to shoot for.

My hams are in terrible shape.  Super weak.  So again, another weakness to be rectified.  I have a feeling my adductors are going to be sore the next few days.  I have never done rest/pause on them before.


  1. took your advise and signed up for a meet. i'll be in the 220's, and i have 13 weeks to get ready for it. it's only bench and dead, but hey it's a start.

  2. This is good. Let me know how you are progressing as it goes.

  3. yeah, i went to a UPA meet this weekend, and it was awesome. that's what i want to do.

  4. Are your hams really lagging that much? Looking back, seemed to me you were doing some pretty brutal sets of stiff leg deadlifts, I am honestly surprised to hear you call your hams a weakness.

  5. Bryce - Well in that particular ROM they are weak. Stiffs tend to bring in a lot of upperback, where I am strong, and that can cover up that weakness.

  6. you gonna be doing a three one/one off type split?


  7. I am planning on training sat and sun, then tue and thurs. But it's the same split I've run forever. It just so happen that Dante like that same split.

  8. that is a good split, perfect blend of frequency! you gonna include deadlifts? leg or back day?


  9. Yes I will include pulls but on backday.