Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

I had to make a work trip out to St. Louis this week.  We were in St. Louis for 5 minutes when I saw a guy get out of his car at a red light, run up to the car two cars in front of him and punch the driver in the face.  On the way home my buddy walked into the bathroom of McDonalds to piss and opened the stall door but someone was in there.  "Shut the fucking door!" the guy yelled at him.  Then once we got back home, we watched a guy in a small BMW speed around a corner and completely wipe out in 3:30 traffic down town.  I don't know how he didn't hit someone but he ended up backwards in traffic.  I was waiting to get up beside this asshole to tell him to slow the fuck down before he killed someone, but he sped off again.  Fucking insane.  I blame it on weird karma from my work buddy.  I never have shit like this happen to me.

Doesn't handle as well as advertised.

My conditioning is really improving right now.  I ran 8 hills the other night (my hill is 90 yards BTW, I finally measured it) on tired legs and never got winded.  Man it feels good to finally be back in some semblance of "shape".  

My weight is down to 242-245ish.  Difference in my diet from gaining to losing?

Gaining - 
breakfast - 3 whole eggs, 4 egg whites with turkey and cheese.  1 cup of oatmeal with raisins and a banana.

lunch - 2 sweet potatoes, 8 ounces of chicken, broccoli 

snack - shake with peanut butter

pre-workout - 2 pieces of rye with 1 cup of cottage cheese
post workout - shake in milk with 1 cup of jasmine rice and raisins 

dinner - 8 ounces of steak, 2 red potatoes, veggies

snack - peanut butter and jelly sammich

Losing diet - 

Breakfast - 4 egg whites with turkey, 1 cup of oatmeal with raisins

Lunch - chicken, brown rice, broccoli 

Snack - Shake in water

pre-workout - 1 slice rye with 1 cup of cottage cheese
postworkout - meat and veggies

snack - MRP  or cottage cheese with peanut butter

As you can see I made some minor changes to make the big difference.  People get too caught up in making big changes and don't know how to properly manipulate small things to make a big difference.  

I think I have a hernia.  Well, I know I do but for the first time it's been hurting lately.  I've had the tiny knot in my stomach for a very long time, but I've never had any pain associated with it.  Oh well, let's possibly add hernia surgery to my impressive list of under the knife jobs.  I have a weird feeling a layoff would be good and that I'd only come back stronger.

I have added more shirts and hoodies and shit to the spreadshirt shop.  I am working on finding myself a new graphics design nerd.  So there will be some new shit coming soon.

A picture of Ashley Lawrence that should raise your test levels immediately.  If not, get checked to see if you are still alive.

Just two more weeks until Labor Day weekend and I feel some epicness type shit coming on.  Some awesome plans seem to be coming together.

Cell phones are pretty damn cool these days.  We made the trip to St. Louis using the cell phone to stream a constant metal station into the radio, for nav, and finding the steak house we wanted to eat at.  Now if assholes would just stop texting while they drive.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Do something worthy of a story on Monday.  


  1. Do all those sprints screw with your squat? If I run at all, my legs crap out. Maybe it means I'm in shit condition (true).

  2. At first if you are out of condition you will see an initial drop. After your legs harder to it your strength will return and you'll have a gas tank to boot.

  3. Hey Paul,
    I bought a copy of your philosophy of training when it was first available. My computer died last week as a result of a master boot record virus. In my infinite wisdom, I never backed anything up. Do you think I could get another copy sent? My paypal address I used is: blake-b AT kc dot rr dot com.


  4. paul do you actually eat the same foods most days or is that just a sample day? i can see eating the same breakfast and shakes every day but i love experimenting with lkunch and dinner! esp when gaining.

  5. Pretty much eat the same foods day in and out.