Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Training - Shoulders and Traps

Bodyweight - 250

Seated Db Press - 30's x 30, 65's x 10,8, 100's x 15,8

Shrugs - 585x5, 500x12

Upright Rows - 165x8, 115x12

Notes - So just like almost everything I do, I lay out a plan then when I get into the gym what I need to do hits me.  I can't say that this time 100% tho.  I have been contemplating a move back to some bodybuilding style training for a while and this is probably what is going to happen.  From a musculature standpoint I know where I need to get bigger/stronger and so I'm going to pour some effort into that for a while and have fun doing it.


  1. paul - haha where was that workout on the 2xwk routine?! so what's your split gonna look like now or is it just gonna be an instinctive thing?
    btw - when you do the "bodybuilding style training" stuff do you not do it with the over-warm-up type single + backdowen set/s system?

  2. Not instinctive.

    I need to improve my shoulders, traps, and arms, i.e. basically my entire upperbody.

    So basically -

    day 1 - shoulders and traps

    day 2 - legs and back

    day 3 - chest and arms


    I pretty much always do the over warm up then back down set except on db work.

  3. Paul, give an example of leg/back day? I thought about doing that combo! of course doing lower volume and more frequent training..say deadlifts, then a few sets of split squats, then a few sets of chin up's..the other day could consist of X amount of chin up's then go into squats etc...three days a week

    friday-mondays workout

    following week vice versa



  4. #1
    Pause Squats
    Block Deads

    Front Squats

    It will most likely be something like this.