Monday, August 29, 2011

Training - Press

Bodyweight - 240 <- Yusss!

Seated Db Press - 35's x 30, 60's x 15,10, 100's x 17,9,7

Incline Press - 185x5,5  225 x 7,5

Side Laterals - giant set 20's x 25->30's x 15-> 40's x 5,  20's x 25->30's x 5

Ez Bar Lying Triceps - 65 x 15,12,10

notes - 80%er.  Real solid and my weight is coming off nice but the strength seems to be doing well still.


  1. Hey quick question. Do your shirts run true to size? Also, I am excited to see the new training template you are working on.

  2. Yes they run pretty true to size.

    Will be getting the template out soon. I'm very excited about it.