Thursday, August 11, 2011

Training - Chest shoulders tris

Bodyweight - 248

Strive Plate Loaded Incline (plates on all resistance levels) - 4 plates x 8,1, -> 1 plate off x 3

Seated Db Press - 100's x 11,3,2

Reverse Grip Bench - 225x6,3,3

Rope Overhead Extensions - 45 x 20

Notes - Started off feeling ok but then lost some gas.  I'm not documenting it but I am doing a ton of conditioning right now.  Usually 60-90 minutes most days.  Everything from hills to steady state.  My weight is leveling out and I feel good again, but I wouldn't mind taking me weight down to around 238-240 where I believe I will be pretty close to 9-10% bodyfat.  But I'm not going to do anything rash.  Just stayin the course.


  1. Hi Paul. I thought you said you would be documenting your conditioning work. I'd be glad to see it written out and I think others would also.

  2. Haven't done any tonight. Last night it was really late when I did and I've felt like ass all day. It was 30 minutes of steady state.