Monday, August 15, 2011

Thoughts about life, training, crap and stuff

So as you can see, shirts are up.  I had a guy I was talking to about some graphic design but I can't stand flakyness so I dropped that, and went with something vanilla for now (and vanilla is a staple ice cream flavor so it can't be that bad).  I am on the look out for a new graphic design guy/gal/martian so something new will be in the works soon.

Training - Alas, I am travelling several times over the next few weeks and have new clients with new schedules to train, so my own training has to take a bit of a down tune.  This isn't a bad thing as I have often found when I scale shit back I suddenly make progress.  Basically right now my main priority is to get in awesome condition, however I am not going to ignore all the things I need to do for prehab.  So what I will do is, scale training back to 3 times a week and have 1 whole day dedicated to prehab work.  So 2 hard training days, 1 day of prehab, and 2-3 days of conditioning.  This is very ideal right now.  This is how my setup will look for a while....

Monday - steady state or hard conditioning (depending on feel)
Tuesday - Pressing - clean and press/PBN/DB press - Incline/Reverse Grip Bench
Wednesday - steady state
Thursday - Squats and Deads (with an emphasis on front squats and deads for a while)
Friday - hard conditioning
Saturday - Pre-Hab work - leg ext, adductor, leg curl, cuff work, curls
Sunday - steady state or hard conditioning (depending on feel)

This looks really good to me right now with the schedule I have over the next few months.  I'm not going to destroy myself because I want the conditioning to be a priority for a bit.  Sometimes I fall back into the trap of wanting too much at a time, but then like a fat chic trying to eat healthy, I snap back out of it.

Movies - Slumdog Millionaire:  I watched this over the weekend.  A very powerful movie, well made, and a story that really pulls you in.  Freida Pinto is illegally hot too.  Wow.  I may go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes now just because she's in it.

Monkeys she's hot!

JCVD has been doing this Coors Light commercials.  I enjoy them.  Mmm, yeah.

MMA - From all appearances, it looks like Alistair Overeem's management will sit down with UFC soon to work out a contract.  I have said this all along, UFC will not let Overeem get away.  No way, no how.  Yes he's a household name, yes he sells tickets, and yes people are going to want to see him fight guys like Cain and JDS.  That's big money.  They lost out on the Fedor sweepstakes (which may have ended up working in Dana White's favor) and they won't let that happen this time.  Overeem is in his prime and people want to see him match up against the best heavyweights in UFC.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a deal done before the end of the year and Overeem in UFC very soon. Overeem will be thrown right into that Cain/JDS thing as soon as that happens, so don't expect a long wait for him in a PPV once the deal is done.

Expect to see the big man in UFC soon...

Big-15 and Strong-15 Program Notes - I want to reiterate a few things about the programs.  So anyone that bought them pay attention.

1.  The meat and potatoes of the big-15 are the back off set(s).  This is where you bust out reps and stimulate growth.  Do the weights look like at first?  Yes.  This is intentional.  When you run a 40 yard dash, a flying start is always faster than from a dead stop.  Training is no different.  If you start light, you give yourself a flying start towards hitting bigger weights down the road.  If you start off too heavy, you will stall faster, and if you continue to grind away for too long after that, you will get injured or lose ground.  This WILL happen.  Don't get caught up in the numbers the first few weeks.  By the end you will be hitting an over-warm up single with near your max easily, and then doing solid back offs.  Remember, look at the big picture, not early numbers out of the gate.

2.  On the strong-15 don't be stupid and program in numbers you have no chance of hitting.  Second, you don't need to train with maximal weights in order to be good to hit your maximally planned numbers.  I hit 605 in the gym going into my meet for my squat.  I was most definitely good for 640 that day barring the injury.  I probably hit more on close grips than needed in the gym (an easy 425) and was good for much more the day of the meet.  405 would have been plenty for 440.  You need to be able to destroy your planned weights, which is generally about 92% of those attempts.  If you do, you're good to go.  I will repeat it, you don't need to max out or hit maximal weights in order to be good for planned max attempts.  Your whole cycle should set you up for success.  This is talked about.  You should not be missing weights in the cycle.  Program smart.

Been downing the sudafed like a meth dealer.  I am not getting sick(er) right now.

Ran 25 40-yard sprints yesterday and it felt damn good.  I haven't done that much conditioning at one time since the meet.  I feel great this morning, and I find that the better my conditioning becomes the less sleep I need, and the more efficient my body becomes.  When I lose conditioning (like going into a meet) and gain weight, everything sucks except lifting weights.  When I am in shape everything feels great, even if I am not as strong.  This is fine.  I do not live my life around how much weight is on the bar.  There are bigger and better things to worry about and/or appreciate.  If you don't know what that feels like, spend the next 6-8 weeks getting into shape.  You'll thank me and yourself for it. 

Hope everyone has a total suck Monday.  Misery loves company.


  1. PC,
    To the right of the blog it shows back of shirt, on the webpage it has it as being blank. Is "Death is Winning Do Something" on the Back of the shirt?

  2. Yes. It shows up for me just fine.

  3. Alright... Warmup squats sucked, trying to do pause squats for deadlift focus, they all felt like crap. Didn't do that many, or go that heavy, and they all tried to staple me. Was all fired up today, brought my camera so I could get a vid of a bench pr. Everything on bench was heavy, couldn't find a groove. Hit some deads and what I did for 2 sets of 8 a week ago almost didn't make it up. YEAH, IT'S MONDAY HERE TOO!

    Was out of hamburger for lunch, but couldn't find any sweetener, so the duck egg drink I subbed for it tasted like body odor. Tried to drink my green tea, but both quarts tasted awful 'cause the water softener screwed up the water, and had to dump 'em both.

    The day was so bad I came home and watched a PBS chick flick... and for some reason was jonesing for some kind of a pink colored mixed drink... :)

    On the upshot, I got woke up this morning by my girl bringing me some kind of authentic Mexican eggs w/ spices and cheese for breakfast w/ a cup of coffee. After work, came home and found good stuff had come in the mail, and there's hamburgers back in the freezer. W/E it's almost 2, so I guess Monday's over anyway. Guess I shouldn't complain too much anyway.

  4. Not bad soup.

    Last night I did overheads but my elbow hurt the whole time. I dropped my car off at the dealership at 8:30 for a brake job and they didn't call and tell me it was ready until 4:15 in the afternoon. It's just a f'n brake job.

  5. Slightly Random question: can we get lift-run-bang design on hoodies?

  6. What did you think of the recent UFC Live event?

  7. I meant to comment on that but just forgot. The Lytle/Hardy fight was a classic. I like Hardy too but that's four losses in a row now. He needs to get his mojo back in a hurry.

  8. Paul,

    You have talked a little about your sleep troubles in the past. What have you found helps you sleep? Vitamins? Supps? Anything?


  9. Dave - A really quality ZMA has helped a ton. Rock it with some good melatonin and you will be good.

    Rx wise, I like Lunesta a lot because it knocks you out the full 8 hours, unlike Ambien.