Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 songs to listen to on Valentines Day

I did one of these before, and it's time to do one again.  Everyone likes lifting music.  But on V-Day, the estrogen is in full Tsunami mode.

Today, you must put up a big wall of testosterone in order to overcome it.

Anti-Valentine Day Songs for everyone!

White Knuckles - FFDP

Take back control of this day with your knuckles.  What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Nothing.  She's already been told twice.

The Motor City Madman knows what to do when a bitch is out of control.  Stranglehold with some face crushing!

This song needs no jokes to precede it.

........and neither does this one........

And lastly, let's just get this shit straight.......


  1. Off Topic, but you have a what constitute strongh post, what about a what constitute big post? To much steroid influenced on body weigth size to make standart's?

  2. I kinda figure if you can pull off the WCS standards then you're pretty much gonna be as big as you can possibly be.

    I've heard bodybuilders talk about what "big" is in some interesting terms, and one was your height in inches X 3.3 in LEAN condition. I believe that means 6-7% or so. Not the "I think I'm 8% but I'm really 13%" shit.

    So if you are 6' then 72X3.3 = 237 in super lean condition.

    That means something like Arnold in his prime. Is that realistic?

    For most people, no. But neither is the WCS standards.

    There's a reason it's called elite I suppose.

  3. I stole your joke for facebook. Well done, sir.