Monday, February 6, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training and stuff....Super Bowl version...sort of

The UFC card was pretty good, better than I expected.  The Condit/Diaz fight was a really good fight and I honestly think you're starting to see the next evolution of what is happening in MMA.  Namely, guys using more "movie karate" in their stand up.  Condit used low/high round kicks, side kicks, and other fairly "unorthodox" strikes to keep Diaz off balance.  As much as I think the guy is overrated, Jon Jones has been doing this for a while too.  With guys becoming very skilled at stuffing takedowns and forcing guys to stand, it's only expected that the stand up game would eventually evolve into something else.

Speaking of MMA, I will be adding an MMA "reporter" to the blog.  I have a guy that keeps up with all of the on-goings in the sports and sends me tons of information each week.  I told him rather than do that, blog it up and put it on here.  You'll know when it starts, obviously.

I write this watching the Super Bowl, and I really don't give a shit.  If something better was on, I'd watch it.  But I never watch TV.  So fuck it, I'll wrote this one up as I write the Super Bowl.

I liked the M&M's commercial.  What's ironic is, I had just eaten two bags of Peanut Butter M&M's.

A while back I wrote about "The Company That you Keep..." and how you need to learn how to survive the Tsunami shit wave that life throws at you sometimes, and to do so with integrity.  Well I believe I can say that about some of the things I have gone through the last month+ and sure enough, things have cleared up and life has taken an upturn.  Just as I wrote, I look back now and feel good about handling things with integrity rather than nuclearizing mother fuckers that I feel wronged me.  Feels really good.  And the best thing, is that things turned out better for me than the people who shit on me.  Happy happy joy joy.

Star Wars back in theaters in 3-D.  How many ways can we put Star Wars back in the theaters?  Before it was remastered now in 3-D.  It's like people don't want to let go that shit is over!  It's over!  Cry in your Darth Vader helmet.  There will be no more.

Again?  I just sold my soul to the devil so I could drag my balls across two miles of hot broken glass in order to give a chance to throw a rock at the laundry truck that might be carrying that chics dirty panties.

Adriana Lima.....WANT!!!!

Avenger's movie.  Can't wait.  My kids love comic book movies.  Ok so I do too, and I use them as an excuse to go to the theater to see it.

I got stopped in Home Depot by a woman who was working there to tell me she was "mesmerized by your calves".  She just stood there and looked at em.  The wife and I just laughed.

At was at Home Depot to buy some 4x6 lumber to build my deadlift blocks.  I also picked up some thick rubber matting to go on top of it as well.  I have the whole block deadlift with regular deadlifts laid out for the meet.  As I have noted many times, I don't tend to throw out routines or ideas unless I have tried them and can comment on how effective they are.  I'm pretty positive this will work well so no fretting really.

When are we gonna see Slayer at Super Bowl halftime?  How about even Metallica?

Madonna is 53 and I think she still looks great.  She actually looked pretty shitty a few years ago when she decided eating food was not for her and turned into Skelator with blond hair.  But I'd totally hit that now.

If you don't like Betty White, fuck you.  That chic is awesome.  I bet she'd be a fucking riot to hang out with and hear some of the stories she has.

Cool as hell

The Giants are going to go down with the two greatest catches in Super Bowl history.  And Eli Manning is mother fucking clutch.  He really elevates his game in the post season and that's the sign of a great quarterback.  Peyton may be better overall, but Eli is grittier.  Peyton is Iceman and Eli is Maverick.  Truth is, Iceman was the better pilot, but in combat Maverick was the guy you wanted in the dog fight because he was built for that shit.  Eli seems to be built for the playoffs while Peyton is built for everything else.

Next Saturday starts meet training.  Another week of light work and then shit is going to be on.

Over 50 pages done for the new book.  Basically, I'm want to write something that can be used from cradle to grave.  From the time a guy first steps into a gym until he's been under the iron for 30 years, this can cover almost everything.  I expect this to be 200+ pages so don't expect it out anytime soon, but expect it to be fucking awesome.  It's also going to have a lot LOT LOT of my thoughts about where we are today as men, and how not to fuck up, via avoiding all of the fuck ups I made.  So I am really putting a lot into this thing.  My goal is to have it out maybe in May or June.


  1. Excellent Peyton vs. Eli analysis, right on the money. Looking forward to reading your book.

  2. Did you agree with the Diaz/Condit decision? I have read posts by a lot of people that think Diaz got robbed because he was pushing the pace. But I agreed with the final decision. I felt like Condit's gameplan beat of Diaz's gameplan. I also thought his attitude of "If I can't win, then I'm not playing your game" was kind of lame. Finally, I love Roy Nelson, he's fun to watch. I think there should be a Roy Nelson/Pat Barry fight.

  3. The decision was right. Robbed? That's absurd.

    Condit beat Diaz to the punch pretty much all night. He out landed Diaz and even though Diaz was pushing forward, it was Condit who was landing the most strikes and winning the stand up battle. Basically the people who thought Diaz got robbed......were Diaz fans.

  4. I agree. All that being said, I think GSP will destroy Condit.

  5. He will. And he would have destroyed Diaz.

  6. Absolutely. When I was watching Koscheck fight all I could think about is how badly GSP jacked up his face in their fight. Georges is just on another level than Diaz/Condit/anyone in the division. Is there anyone on the horizon you think can stand up to GSP?

  7. Good assessment of the fight. Nice to see clear-headed people comment.

    The book sounds awesome. I still need to pick up the strong15 book sometime as well. Just started the SPPCC 2 weeks ago, as I definitely needed some direction in my training. Using Wendler's 5/3/1 total body template he put up on t-nation a few months ago (starting light as hell and not going much above recommended reps for the first cycle or so). Keep up the great work Paul - any idea how much the ebook will cost (not that it really matters to me)?

  8. Brock - no clue on cost. Honestly it depends on how long I take on it. But I can't see it being more than $20 more than likely.

  9. russ - In a few years? Rory MacDonald. That's about the only guy with the skillset that can do it. But he's not quite there yet.

  10. Yeah, Rory looks real good. I'm really enjoying the volume of UFC events lately. The cards, for the most part, have been quite enjoyable.

  11. YES cant wait fro the mma blog, and the new book, i agree on the comments about condit winning. eli is deff clutch, my heart jumped for a sec by the way when i thought the pats tightend almost had nabbed the hail mary catch. cant wait for the book, strong-15 is goin great with my mma prep for a fight!

  12. Paul,
    Do you have the plans for DL blocks on here somewhere by any chance? Thanks a lot.

  13. I honestly thought Condit/Diaz was going to be a war and was really looking forward to it. By the time the third round came about I checked out of the fight as I didn't forsee anything different happening. Reminded me a lot of the Penn/Edgar fights where there was a lot of controlled stand up and cutting off the ring, etc. Smart gameplanning, but it made for a not so exciting fight. Koscheck needs to drastically change something in his training if it is not too late for him (Rumor is he left AKA and is training elsewhere in Cali). He is getting beaten with just a jab, the decision in that fight was more of a robbery than Diaz/Condit.

    I honestly think Lucas has some form of autisim or OCD or something. There is no need for him to keep tinkering with those movies. I like it when a director or studio reissue movies for anniversaries. They clean up the print, makes the picture look sharp but when you add 21st Century effects to a 70's movie it ruins the appeal in a way. The best reissues IMO were Ridely Scott's Blade Runner and Alien. They just cleaned up the picture and left the effects the same. You make the best movie you can at the time and let the public decide it's fate.

  14. Jesse - I just pick up a piece of 4x6 and had it cut into 20" segments. I got some thick rubber matting over in the flooring section. I will cut that up and throw it on top of the blocks. I can made a vid if need be. I haven't decided if I need to screw the blocks together yet. We'll see how the first night of training goes.

    Robbie -

    Koshcheck, what a douche. He went for a take down late in that fight and just held him there to let the clock run out. Not to mention he's still doing that reaching thing where he's poked several guys in the eye. I hate that bitch.

  15. Not arguing that. Plus his fight with Anthony Johnson where he was faking fouls so AJ could get a point deducted and his recent comments where he said he hopes GSP has to retire from his knee injury makes him Top 5 classless MMA fighters (along with Bisping, Shinya Aoki, and the Diaz Brothers.)

  16. Yeah he's a douche. He's had more than 1 fight where he faked groin shots.

  17. Paul,

    Have you ever thought about making hard copies for your new book?

  18. Yes, I'm going to look into it. As I noted, I'm pouring everything I have into this one from 23 years. If a new guy walked off the street he could use this from day 1 on, until he fucking died. That's where I am going with it.

  19. Awesome. Looking forward to reading it!

  20. I think everyone's overlooking the important question here. When are you going to put out your "Mesmerizing Calves" template?

  21. Here it is......

    1. Get your wife pregnant. Gain 40 pounds of sympathy weight.

    2. Carry that weight around for 2 years.

    3. ????

    4. Profit.

  22. You better spend a whole chapter in the book on #3, or you'll end up having to write a million blog posts to clarify. Come to think of it, you better do that for #1 as well.

  23. I guess if you want big calves you better get married and knock her up as quickly as possible then.

  24. super new to this blogging thing. But heard you on Iron Radio, so checking your site out. The Maverick and Iceman rant was epic. I think I ll have to continue checking back here.

    Thanks for adding motivation to my day.