Saturday, February 11, 2012

MMA Blurb - Smoked

Diaz would've rematched, but then he got high. So it's Condit vs GSP, or Condit defending the interim belt against someone else, but it won't be Diaz.

Any arguments that Diaz was robbed of victory at UFC 143, have now vanished in a puff of smoke. Whether he has a prescription for it doesn't matter. It's banned by the athletic commission in every state. This isn't the first time Diaz has tested positive for marijuana either. In his Pride FC debut against Takanori Gomi, he beat up Gomi, and ended up submitting him. The results for his test after his fight, came back at a whopping 175ng, leading some to believe he was high while fighting Gomi.

Regardless of your stance on legalization, trying to justify its use at a champions level is just silly. The losses for this mistake are already surmounting. He' lost his chance at a rematch, and in turn, lost his chance to be a champion in the UFC. He's facing up to a 1 year suspension, up to a $40k fine, and the likelihood of having to prove rehabilitation to the Nevada athletic commission, before being granted a license again.

Hopefully I am not the only sucker for Diaz, and he finds his way back into the octagon. There are plenty of good fights coming up this year to fill the gap, but none of them feel quite like Condit vs Diaz for the shot at GSP.

Hopefully UFC 144 will ease my mind.


  1. how in hell would being high on marijuana help you fighting? it's not exactly a performance enhancer...

  2. I started off hating on both Diaz brothers, I just found them annoying. But after watching Nick defend his Strikeforce title, followed by his complete dismantling of BJ Penn, and finally the Diaz/Condit special the UFC did in promotion of the last fight I found myself coming around to him a little bit. Then he whined like a child after losing the decision, doing the whole "take my ball and play somewhere else" type of thing. And then to be followed up with this is just crazy. Personally I am for legalization but rules are rules and if Nick wants to fight at the top and make that kind of money he has to play by those rules. Finally, as much as I wanted to see what Diaz would do against GSP, I don't think he would have stood a chance in there with him.

  3. When you are fight training mode, how/what do you usually train? I am having trouble getting my ass to sign up to a krav maga institute

  4. Stew - I lift twice a week during that time.

    Russ - Well said. Can't add anything to that.

    Me and my fight guy were talking about this yesterday. We're not even sure why they test for pot since it is NOT a PED. Notice the NBA doesn't test for weed. If they did, no one would be playing.

    1. no one in the nba would be playin.... LMFAO LMFAOLMOFA

    2. I think at least some argument could be made that it may dull the pain - thereby allowing you to take more punishment. Probably the same reason certain painkillers are banned.
      Regardless, it's against the rules, and Nick knows it going in.
      Additionally, apparently the NFL tests for it, as plenty of players have been suspended for it (Fred Davis & Trent Williams of the Redskins come to mind offhand, but there have been many more).
      Clearly the guy doesn't feel like taking on the responsibility of fighting in the UFC. I still can't believe Dana has given this shithead this much rope.

  5. I've seen about a dozen American records set in Olympic Weightlifting by athletes who were high on the platform. Oscar Chaplin, Legrand Sakamaki, and Jason Kristal all spring to mind.

    For average Joes with no motor skills weed just makes you lethargic and clumsy, for guys with tens of thousands of lifts under their belt it makes it easier to go into "the zone", letting you relax, move faster and makes perception of time move more slowly. I've also seen it used by high level judokas before contests.

    Given this, I can understand how Diaz he beat Gomi like a stepchild. It was beautiful to watch.

    Really, WHY does the "athletic commission" stance supersede that of the medical profession and law in general? If he has a prescription, he's done nothing wrong. Period.

    Why does anyone care what the mafia guidos controlling the fight industry think, and how the HELL is it legal to "fine" an athlete ANYTHING when legally you cannot pursue damages another human being unless there has been a provable loss or transfer of goods?

    Why do we have "athletic commissions" and why do they seemingly have as much power as the law? I never voted for them and I'm sure none of you did either.