Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AMA on Reddit tonight at 6 CST

I will be doing a Ask Me Anything tonight on Reddit in the weight room at 6 P.M. CST.

Please drop in to bullshit with me.



  1. Hey, Paul, reading through this, I was reminded of a question I've been meaning to ask you. Obviously you're not a fan of box squats for guys that don't wear gear. Why do you think coaches like Joe DeFranco like box squats for their athletes?

  2. Well Joe has gotten great results training guys, but I don't put much stock into what a guy can hit for a single in the box squat TBH. I will always view the box squat as a lesser movement than the squat.

  3. Btw (and I'm obviously just spit-balling as I read through the AMA) you mention writing violent fantasy/action. Most everybody's read the George RR Martin stuff, Game of Thrones, etc., but if you like that kind of thing, you should really take a look at Joe Abercrombie's stuff. Not as intrigue driven as Martin, but way more viking fights, lol.

  4. Massively unrelated to anything - but such a cool thing I had to share



  5. Hi Paul. I noticed on your ama you said you work in IT. I also work in IT. Do you have to do any lower body stretching/mobility work to combat the daily hours in a chair? If so what do you do?

    I have struggled for a few years trying to get some flexibility in my body so I can hit better positions in the squat and to just feel a little bit better just walking around. I feel like slouching in front of a keyboard in a chair most days has really done a number on my lower body. Especially my adductors and external rotators.

    I have been doing this for a few weeks and I finally think things are getting a little better:

  6. Matt - Yes I do. I do foam rolling and a lot of hip flexor stretching or I my IT bands get pretty rough.

    Sitting in a chair has its perks and drawbacks.

  7. Paul, last night was my last bench session of the strength phase of Ultimate Beastdom. Nevertheless, I went ahead and took your advice and switched to close-grip, but still went at the programmed weights. Guess what? I got 4 reps on my top set. Only missed my target for the cycle by one rep, but still got a 4 rep PR, and projected increase to 1RM. Thanks for the advice.

    I Squat tomorrow, and that will be the end of the cycle. Afterwards, I'll let you know all the good news, not so good news, and how it went for me in general.