Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training - Bench

Last night.......

weight - 243

Close Grips - All reps paused
bar x 40
365x3 all reps with long pauses and still explosive

Incline - 315x9, 275x9

Curls and Db Upright Rows - 2 sets of 15 each

Notes - Super tired and achy.  Joints hurt and just overall sluggish.  Dialed back the food after the weekend of eating way too damn much.  Still, 365x3 with all reps paused was fast and easy as hell.  I also tied my best incline press with 315 and it was AFTER the benching.  My guess is my incline is up to 415 or so now, or maybe a double with 405.  However I'm not going to be testing that with the meet coming up.


  1. 80%er? How much and what did you eat on your 144 massacre night?

    Is there a reason you're doing things diff than the 5/4/3/2/1/1/1/back off strong 15 setup? Thanks Paul

    1. mounds of brisket, shredded cheesy potatoes, I know of at least 14 brownies and 10 chocolate chip cookies. Then some alcohol.

      I am doing the strong-15 however because I can't bench for reps all the time (my pec minor) I am doing a top triple and leaving it at that. I kind of have to work my bench a little different each time depending on how my elbows and pec minor is feeling.

      This is why the rep sets are done on incline after.

  2. Do you recommend training to failure on any of your sets?

  3. hey paul being how its the nfl combine around i know u close grip on the bench but i was wondering how many reps of 225 can u do?

  4. Incline is at 23 or so right now, so over 30 on flat. I'm good for 20+ with 275.

    315x20 is the real goal and more manly.

    I might give it a go (225 for reps) soon if my pec minor eases up a bit. Reps tend to aggravate it more.

  5. man tahts awesome i hope one day i can do that bro

    1. If you want it that bad, make it happen. Not today, or tomorrow, but in your lifetime.

      As I always tell guys, big picture.