Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 1 Meet Prep - Deadlifts

Bodyweight - 237

4" block pulls -
135 x 5,5,5
225 x 3,3
315 x 2,2
405 x 2,2
500 x 1
525 x 1

Speed Pulls - 385x5x3

Ab Wheel - 3 sets of 15

Notes - Again, 525 off the blocks is really easy and fast.  Took a vid to show that in week 1, this is as heavy as I want to go.  This basically looks like a speed pull and should in week 1.  I drive this home all the time, the first 3-4 weeks everything should be easy and fast.


  1. hey paul, are you gonna just do block deads the whole cycle? all from the same height?

  2. Yup. Block deads then pulls from the floor. That's it.

  3. Hey Paul, on your Lift Run Bang template, on the ligher pull weeks you recommend a lighter deadlift variation. You seemed to favor stiff legs or some time of explosive pull, but do you think mid shin pulls would also work as you stay a little lighter?

  4. Paul, didn't know where to put this question. I have my first meet in May and am having problems getting into using a low bar squat. High bar feels more natural and comfortable, low bar feels like the bar is pinning on my shoulder blades. But everything I've read says low bar is for competition. Do I need to widen my grip, it feels better but the racks in my gym don't really allow for that. I end up having to grab the plates which seems dangerous.

  5. You could go light on em, but to me partials like mid-shin and below the knee scream heavy.

    Remember that's a light week so doing some elevated stiffs are a nice change of pace.

    I may revise it slightly in the future to make that a big rowing day to give one a break from hip extension type pulls.

  6. Robbie - If high bar feels best USE THAT. There is no right or wrong way there. Just whatever feels most natural to you.

    You could just have a technique issue where you are not getting under the bar correctly, but that's something to work on when you're not preparing for a meet.

    Go to high bar and worry about getting better/stronger for the meet. Squat in the manner that you feel strongest in. My buddy Eric Lilliebridge said that low bar squats never felt comfortable for him either, and he's an 800+ guy squatter. It's not for everyone.

    Don't try to fit a bear shitting in the woods with a square hole. Or however that goes.

    Do what feels best for now. Worry about playing with those things later.

  7. So I should start squatting with 800lbs and go from there. Got it.

  8. You said to start light for the first few weeks. Don't think what you're writing isn't getting through.

  9. Paused deadlift done just slightly off the floor for a 3cnt - good idea or bad idea?

  10. Give it a try and see what happens. I'm not a fan of halting deadlifts.

  11. Do you usually recommend training block deads to everyone? Or just something that works well for you

  12. I think for novice trainers pulling from the floor is best. I generally recommend doing block deads to guys that have been pulling for a little while and feel like they can benefit from it. But if you want it to carryover properly you need to keep pulling from the floor.

  13. Nice pulling, Paul!

    Just had a quick question. I'm about to finish my first cycle of Big-15 and have had great results from it.

    Programming my numbers for this first one was as easy as taking my 1RM and using 90% of it (i've been consistently getting 15-20 reps each week and beating my previous AMAP set so i'm happy with what i started with). What shall i use for my maxes on the second one?

    Should i just do something like in 5/3/1 and add 20lbs to maxes for squats + deads, and 10lbs to press and bench maxes?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. You can. Honestly, I have always liked staying with the same weights for a while and just trying to add more and more reps when going for size. I always figured if I could incline/bench 315x20 I'd be as developed in my pressing muscles as I'd ever be.

    If you're hitting 20 reps now with certain weights, bump it then. Adding 20 pounds seems about right if you're hitting sets of 20.

  15. Awesome, thanks Paul!

    That looks good in the new spreadsheet. My legs are stubborn as hell when it comes to gaining size but the constant 20 rep squatting this last 2 months has helped a tonne.

    Want to get 308lbs (140kg) for 20 reps as my next big rep goal. Did 220 for 21 yesterday. A friend of mine did 395 for 19 a while ago raw. Gotta catch that big fucker up.