Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MMA Blurb - Diaz vs Condit I

What happened?

I had assumed Diaz would be the victor.  It wasn't just the Vegas odds either.  I genuinely like the Diaz brothers and tend to favor them, even over someone more like-able like Donald Cerrone.  From the moment the fight was announced, to the moment just before Condits name rang out as interim champ, my bias assured me Diaz would win.  When the announcer listed the judges scoring, I was sure it was Diaz winning.  So was Diazs corner.  Rogan commented on his podcast, that he had scored the fight for Condit while ringside, but scored it for Diaz when viewing it the next day.

The camera angels, the replays, and overall versatility of viewing it on his tv, versus viewing it ringside changed his opinion.  So after talking about the fight with friends, I watched it again.  I pretended to hate Diaz, and this time I saw how it could have gone either way.  The fightmetrics show Condit throwing more strikes in every round.  I still felt that Diaz did a better job at controlling the cage the majority of the fight.

But charging ahead and taking punches, is worse than retreating and avoiding them.

Don't leave it up to the judges.  Ive heard this so many times, it makes me wish judges were not necessary. Considering MMA can't be sanctioned state-to-state, let alone judged consistently, removing judging isn't something that is viable at this point.  What we can do is attempt to add consistency to their efforts.  Tools like instant replay or tactics like spreading out the judges could be employed.  In twenty years, the nano-tech will exist to just embed the sensors into the fighters bodies and gloves.  A lot of epic fights can happen between now and then, and my hope is that we move towards enabling judges to be consistent so that $20K gloves are not needed.

So what about a rematch?

Well that was my first thought after the decision.  Why not?  The entire road-map to this fight has been wrought with plan changes. GSP is going to need some time to heal and get into shape.  Also, Diaz isn't mentioned in the list of medical suspensions.  If he accepted, his motivation might make Diaz vs Condit II, better than Diaz vs Anything.

-- Zack


  1. Rumor is the official announcement of the rematch will happen Friday. Personally I think Dana and co. are doing this hoping to get Diaz in against GSP as that is where the big money fight is. If the rematch does come off, I don't see the decision being any different. Condit proved himself to be a disciplined fighter, and both Diaz's I believe are overrated. Nick is good at everything but he hasn't changed his style since I first saw him. Which is to dope his opponent into a slugfest with trash talking. The ones that aren't stupid enough to fall for it usually end up beating both brothers.

  2. MMA and lifting? This blog just went up another notch in my estimations.

    What's happening with Chaos and Bang 2 Paul? That thing is taking longer to reach the masses than Chinese Democracy.

  3. Anonymous - CnB2 was about to be put out then the feds shut down megaupload. No shit. I need to find another site to host it on.

  4. This applies to yesterday's post -

    What are your thoughts on incline form? I've been playing around with hand spacing/elbow flare, and can't seem to find a groove.
    Elbows flared feels like a weak position; Elbows more tucked feels better, but the bar path feels too low


  5. I don't flare. My elbows come down in a straight line.

    It's not really tucked, and it's not really flared. It's just straight up and down.

    Flared would feel weak. Then it's almost like a tricep movement. If you're tucking then yes, it will come too low. Right now worry about bringing the bar to your chest and let the elbows move naturally. It's kind of the opposite of the bench. On bench you worry about elbow angle. But on incline you need to kind of think about bringing the bar to the sternum more or less. Then the elbows should move kind of naturally.

  6. I'm guessing this was written before the on again/off again rematch was sort of announced, then not, by Dana. In any event, I just hate that that jackass keeps getting rewarded when he clearly doesn't deserve it. He clearly has learned nothing from his fuckups, and he's 7-5 in his UFC career. The UFC did just fine without the guy, and they'll be just fine without him going forward.