Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More on Klkov presses.........

Since this is everybody's pet exercise right now........

From Roscoe.........

I'm curious: what has everyone been doing in terms of poundages on the Klokov presses? I fucking struggle like a motherfucker with 105 lbs. I can BTN with 225 but yesterday, I did 1x3x105, 5x3x95 on the Klokovs then said fuck this noise and went and did seated smith machine presses. I was fucking bushed.

Paul, you doing 185x9 on the Klokovs is fucking retarded. I can't believe it. I hope your asshole falls out.

What's everyone else been doing??


  1. 135 for 8 to 10 singles after warming up with 115 a few times. hardest things i've ever done.

  2. I did 135 for a couple (very hard) triples. I can do something like 135x12 for regular military.

  3. Word to the wise: I did 185x10 and my asshole did indeed fall out

  4. i just started trying to learn this exercise and feel like this hits all parts of my shoulders side front rear and even traps, im at the bar now =/ 45lbs


  5. 135x10-12. I honestly thought I made this exercise up until I started visiting this site, though. Been doing them for a while.

  6. it just didn't feel healthy to me, even with 50% weights it felt like I was grinding grit between my joints. I guess it's cool and all but it doesn't seem like the sort of movement the human body was designed for and would never occur in nature, so fuck it.

  7. 115 x 10 for 2 sets then singles with 135. Almost shatt myself trying to get 155 to break. Much work to be done.

  8. Last workout I did:
    OHP singles working up to 150
    Klokovs 105x3x5
    BTN push press working up to 165x5
    Deadlift working up to 460x1 (t-rex mode)
    chins & dips

    I wonder if there will end up being a fairly standard ratio of OHP to Klokov?

  9. Started with 115lbs 2 weeks ago.

    For the past two weeks, I've been doing:

    90lbs x (1,2,3)for 7-10 ladders.
    90lbs x (1,2,3,4) for 3-6 ladders.

    Will be progressing to (1,2,3,4,5) for 2 to 4 ladders next week.

    This has worked REALLY well for me as I tried 115 the other night without a warm up and it went up like nothing (maybe because it actually is nothing lol).

  10. 67.5kg/148.6lbs for 3 reps. Unfortunately I have some elbow issues at present and these tear them up. Once my elbows heal up, I would love to see how far I can take them.

    Awesome move and as hard as f*ck.

  11. I tried them out after my regularly scheduled workout just to see what the fuss is about, and even 95 lbs was surprisingly tough. They kind of hurt my shoulders, though, so I doubt they'll be a mainstay in my routine.

  12. I started doing (haha, trying) these the other day. 110 is my starting weight - LOL, right?

    So I know where you're coming from, "Roscoe". It's gonna be a long road, bud.

    And damn, Paul, you are one strong goddamn cunt. Nine different kinds of beast.

  13. 165 is the heaviest I've done so far and felt like I ruptured my stomach doing it.

  14. Paul, general question here...when going through a gaining phase, is it better to eat a set amount of overall calories per day or cycle based on activity? For instance right now on days I lift i eat about 3600 calories and on off days I eat about 2800 just because my days are mostly spent at a desk with little activity besides maybe a walk for 1-2 miles to get some steady state in. Is this a good idea or would it be better to eat say, 3400 cals everyday no matter what my activity level is?

  15. 110 for 2x5 right now. Just feeling out the movement. Got 121 for a triple though, and felt like my arms were going to pop out of the sockets i was pushing so hard.

  16. 45 for 15, felt like I could have kept going for 10 more reps.
    55 for 12, could have done 15 or more.
    65 for 8.
    75 wouldn't leave my shoulders.

    I can clean & press 155. I love how this thing feels on my shoulders, but meanwhile I feel like a pussy struggling with this weight.

  17. Today is Shoulders/ Traps and since tripping over this blog, it's been my favorite day. Klokov's were inserted into my workout as soon as I saw them.

    Planning on trying a 185 1RM today.

    Will have video going so if my ass does fall out I'll be able to share with the world.

    I'll be doing the bulk of my workout at 135 with triples until I grey out. The other thing I do is squeeze and hold the last of all the triples until just before my arms give (usually about 30 secs to start). Rinse and repeat.

  18. Goddamn. Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling. I think I got 115 a few times honestly. Then maybe a few "not so honestly" (I had to bounce to get that fucking bar moving).

    I'm telling you. I start pushing...and about 9 seconds later, the bar starts moving. It's a humbling exercise. You guys doing 135 and above, my hat's off to ya.

    Paul, pick your asshole up off the ground. Fuckin' 185....

  19. I hit 95x5x3 last night, my PR strict press (last week) was 145x5. Definitely a humbling exercise, my traps are dead this morning!

  20. 1rm is 160. I do 135 for sets of 5 usually,work down in reps from there. If I'm wanting higher reps, I use 115 for sets of 10 or so. I started out doing these with 95 for 3 sets of 10 at the end of a workout to try these bad boys out. They are, indeed, a bitch. - Tyler

  21. Paul,

    Is it possible to see you do a video on proper Press Behind the Neck form so that damage to shoulders is not ever going to be a problem.

  22. 1RM OHP 155. Klokov press 115 for 4 sets of 3s, haven't maxed on it yet.

  23. Just started doing these myself, seated I've done 205 x 8 sets of 3, but on these i've only been able to work up to 175 x 2 x 10 sets. I weigh 178 though so I guess it's not too bad.

  24. When I was doing them I would do 135 for like 2 or 3 triples. Most I ever did was 155. At that time I was Military Pressing 210.

    Not in his video but in an Ironmind Picture there is Klokov himself doing them with 275. He has Military Pressed 375, Snatched 451, Push Pressed 496, and Jerked at least 551 from the Rack in Training. I don't know what he Benches.

    The more I think about it the more I like Paul's Yin-Yang approach of hitting both Klokov Press and Upright Row really heavy for a max. That just makes your shoulders man-strong. Doesn't matter what direction you need to produce force in, you can do it. Brute Strong in all angles.

    Have any of y'all tried the Sots Press?

    Another Press variant used by weightlifters to make sure you're both strong and put together with the right strength balance. Named for Vicotr Sots, a Russian who was either in the 242 or Super-Heavy Class. He was one of the 1st guys to be really good at a Push-Jerk in competition (Jerking over 550lbs without a Split).

    He would do these Sots Presses from a Rock Bottom Squat position with 418 pounds. Crazy.

  25. Pull the bar apart and push the meaty part of the outside of your hands into the collars. Activates everything in your shoulders and upper back. Helps a ton

  26. 95x12 at a BW of about 170. Recently started doing them.
    Speaking of shit you'll never do (well I won't anyway, I'm sure Paul might be able to seeing as he was born with the natural ability to press shit above his head without much effort):

    Yeah I'll go ahead and show myself out.

  27. What am I doing with them? I'll tell you what I'm not doing: gay porn. (leaving that for Jamie)