Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Training - Lt. Dan

Bodyweight - 239

Fronts -

Superset - speed skaters/ab roller - 10,12,20/10,10,10
Leg Ext - 3x20
1 legged calf - 3x20

Notes - Tired as fuck.


  1. hi paul hope your having fun whith klokov press i havent tried it yet myself (yes my pressing sucks)
    i wanted to know whether or not you do small sessions and assistant exersises (high rep) when your trying to lose weight? if yes why ?
    (what im thinking is that since your not gaining why do high rep assistant exersises or small sessions-cause high rep wount make you strong )
    thanks and keep kicking ass

    1. I do small sessions mainly to fill in the muscular gaps and for prehab. So even if I am in the process of losing fat, they are still beneficial.

  2. hi again thanks for the answer but was my rationality correct or am i missing something? should a lifter keep the same volume of assistant exercise while cutting as he was bulking? the way how underestandable are this sentenses considering eng is my 2nd language
    thanks again

    1. You are overthinking this.

      Abs are made in the kitchen. So if you are looking to shed bodyfat, get your diet in order. Throw in some conditioning to help that along.

      Lifting wise, nothing really has to change. The only thing I do is drop my big sessions down to twice a week. I use small sessions based on energy levels for the most part.

    2. well said . thanks for the answer

  3. Filed under a list of things you will never do Part 2

    He fucking talks on his 2nd rep.

    1. Yeah but that's not uncommon. Some Russian that weighs 209 just did an 880 squat with knee wraps and belt AND a walk out. I love Eric like a brother, but he'll be the first to tell you he's getting more than 100 pounds out of his knee wraps and belt.

      Capt. Kirks 1000 double more like "things you will never do" than this.

      I'm always more impressed with the fact that Eric is strong in all three lifts rather than just being good at one of them because of leverages.

  4. What kind of shoes do you squat with? I've been using flat soles for a while now because it seemed like power lifters use those. But I use a fairly narrow stance and lately have been wondering if an elevated heal shoe would be better (like Olympic lifting shoes).


    1. Following this up, is it typical that if I wear heeled shoes for squatting that it hits my quads more and with flat soled shoes it hits me hamstrings more?