Sunday, June 17, 2012

Training - Big Session #2 Lower Body

Bodyweight - 244

Deadlifts - 

Deficit Deads (on plate) - 405x,3,3,3

Speed Skater Squat - 6 sets of 10
Leg Curls - 2x15
Calf Stairs - 80 reps

Notes - Did this on 4 hours of sleep.  This is the start of me using the strong-15 short cycle, but broken up into 2 weeks.  So 1 week I will pull, the next week I will do my pause squat cycle.  


  1. Paul, what would you recommend to an intermediate trainee that had a good strength base, was around 200-210lbs @ 15% body fat/5'10 height (natural) and was stuck at a road where they felt like if they cut some fat, they'd be too skinny, but if they gained, it may get messy? I find myself stuck at this point often despite recommendations to cut the fat back when you're around that 15% cutoff point.

    For me, I start to get vascular and have some solid ab definition around 185lbs when cutting from that point. But I feel like a fucking swimmer/bean pole in a t-shirt. On the other hand, having a layer of goo canceling out any vascularity and having feint abs when flexed sucks. This weird weight/status as a natural lifter just makes me want to load up the syringe and go to another level where one can be lean and jacked in a t-shirt.


    1. You know my answer to this. It doesn't deviate based on how you feel. You shouldn't be "bulking" anymore once you hit 15%.

      And 185 at 5'10" shredded is pretty fucking jacked. People need to stop looking at bodybuilders as the standard for jacked. If you're 185 and REALLLLY lean, that's gonna look very solid for someone 5'10".

    2. Just to give some perspective and also agree with Paul: even when I just did bro workouts back in the day, I was 6'2" 185 and I still looked fairly solid. At 5'10", 185/190 would be pretty dang solid.

  2. On a cut, do you deload at all?

    I'm stuck and can't get any new PRs right now and was wondering if I should deload and ramp back up, switch up rep range, or just keep going as many reps as I can for max weight until done the cut?


    1. I never deload. I either just take some time off, or keep training. I don't believe in deloads except for in a meet cycle.

  3. Is the plan still to put the book out next monday?
    Pretty excited for it!

    2 months ago i was sitting at 86,5kg's at around 18% bf still pretty undermuscled at 6'2", but i took your advice and decided to get the fat off, since it is summer and i plan to bulk in the future.

    So far it's going really good, weight now is 78,5kg and i'm looking to drop the last 2,5kg to bring me down to that 8-9% range. This should set me up pretty damn well for the bulk after summer.

    Thanks for the advice on the blog Paul, and keep up the good work!


    1. Yup. Working hard to get it out by next Monday.