Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Small workout #1

This was done last night......

bodyweight - 253
incline db curls - 35 x 4 x 15
ez bar skulls - 65 x 4 x 20

That's it.  


  1. Paul,
    Maybe it was my question you were looking for at the last podcast?
    Reposting it here so you guys can talk about it next week.

    Question for the next podcast:
    When it comes to recovery, do you guys think that what matters is the weight moved or the % of the max that weight is for the lifter?
    Explaining: lifter A has a 315 max squat and lifter B has a 405 max squat. Both lifters do a session of, say, 10x3 @ 85% of their 1RMs. Do you believe that lifter B is gonna have a harder time recovering because he moved more weight, or is it all relative, meaning both lifters worked just as hard and should recover equally. Of course we´re not talking extremes here, such as a 135lbs squat vs a 700lbs squat. Also, let's assume diet, sleep, etc are all in check, so we´re focusing solely on the weights.

    I really like the idea of having a guest every now and then. Maybe you guys could talk to Glenn Pendlay to see if he's game? I've see him on a lot of podcasts and he seems like a cool dude, so it shouldn't be an issue.
    Also, that would be an awesome oportunity to discuss that article he wrote a while back to T-Nation regarding explosive training for muscle mass. Very interesting stuff...

    Thanks for all the effort you put on the blog and the podcast, Paul.

    1. Thanks for the support dawg. And I will send this to Jamie for next weeks podcast.

  2. Got all summer to train, rest, and eat. Going to do the chest/shoulder/back on day 1 then legs/arms for day 2 then repeat 3 times like you recommended a while back. For arms, should I structure my 2 arm movements like one of the small workouts you do with lots of volume? Or do a heavier/medium/lighter with the excercises kind of feel? It's not a major detail but just wondering what you had in mind

    1. either or is fine if you can just rest and train and that's it.

  3. Hi Paul,

    What do you think of the One lift a day program by Dan John? and Do you have any experience with the Anabolic Diet or anything similar? Do you think combining a high frequency, low volume workout coupled with a high protein, high fat diet could lead to having the best of both worlds? Thanks!

    1. 3 questions in one comments? Sheesh!

      it's ok

      yes, I did it for 5 months once

      not sure what you are getting at