Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awesome testimonial......

Wanted to share the e-mail I got.  Big props to Jamie for this guys progress as well..........


How´s it going man?
I´m glad to see the blog running so well. It seems that more and more people are seeing how valuable the stuff you write is. Awesome, keep it up.
Also, the podcasts with Jamie are just fucking fantastic.

Anyways, I´m just writing to give you a little update on my deadlift progress. I´ve hit a huge PR and I´m stoked.
After reading your stuff about how begginers could and should lift with higher frequency and after applying some stuff from Jamie´s deadlifting series, I started to pull more often.
I had a goal of pulling 4 plates till July, and since I felt I had it, I went after it this saturday.
Pulled some 5s, some triples and then loaded the bar with 405.
Guess what? It fucking flew up.
I was shocked at how fast it went up, so I loaded the bar with 20 more pounds. Bam ! Easy stuff.
It was still feeling easy, so I went for 435. Took a deep breath and fucking destroyed it.
I was pretty tired after it, but I might have 440-445 fresh.

Just wanted to thank you, since your writings played a huge part on me hitting this goal.

August 2011 - started training at 121 pounds BW, malnourished, couldn´t Incline Press the bar for 8 reps.
June 2012 - 435 deadlift at 163 pounds BW.

Thanks, man.


  1. I want this. I just started lifting (in my late 20s), have been using your LRB template and have stuck with it for the past 2 months. getting stronger every day...

  2. That's really amazing progress for under a year of training.

  3. i started using the knowledge from this site and Paul's templates last year around august. bench press was at 300, deadlift was at 425, squat was at 315. i have done two power lifting meets since then and my comp lifts are now: BP:350, DL:500, SQ:350. so that's a 160lb improvement in 10 months. start training for my next meet in a few months, and of course ill be using the same template because it works.

  4. That's badass. It's amazing the progress one can make when they're consistent and have someone who knows their shit guiding them. Good job anonymous guy, big up to Jamie and Paul for helping out.

  5. Anonymous, would be great to see the routine/concepts you used in your training for your deadlift

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  7. Bud,

    After reading Paul´s stuff about higher frequency training, I started to pull more often since the 4 plated dead was my main goal.
    I decided to go balls out, since I am in a situation that allows me to train a lot, sleep well at night, have a nap after lunch and eat a shitload of quality food.
    I don´t think that deadlifting heavy and often is a very smart idea if you know recovery is gonna be sub-par.

    I pretty much used Jamie´s approach, the one he used to take his DL to the 500s.
    Lots of heavy triples with the occasional doubles and 5s.
    I deadlifted 2x a week, and a training session could look like:
    It was very hard, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Also, I started doing a lot more Pendlay Rows and changed my grip on them, per Jamie´s suggestion.
    I used to do them with a wide grip, now I do them exactly like my deadlift - stance, grip, etc.

  8. Paul,
    My gym is gonna do an event in the upcoming weeks, consisting of a small meet and some challenges.
    One of the challenges is: most reps on bench press with 95lbs.
    Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea of how many you could get??

    1. Jesus god that sounds painful.

      I'm always for doing rather than saying, so I will try it out next week.

    2. Awesome, curious to see how many you get. Try to record it.
      I have absolutely no idea how many I can do...

  9. How old is the OP? That is pretty sick, and if he's in HS (I sure hope so starting at 120lbs), he's gonna be a bad motherfucker and slay plenty of tail.

    My biggest regret in life is not getting into the iron game until I was 27 and a fat 200 lbs. Still better late than never, of course.

    1. I turn 24 next Monday.
      Started at 120 pounds because I got sick and lost more than 50 pounds in a year.
      That also explains why I didn´t have a lot of trouble gaining to 163ish, which is what I usually weigthed in my teens.

    2. aha! that explains the weight gain but +400lbs at buck-sixty is a good lift imo, congratulations on your progress and keep at it!