Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Lack of calories sucks donkey cooter.

I feel ok just walking around, and a single feels fine, but a soon as I go to rep something boy watch out.  Flip the switch right off.  It's not so much that the weight feels heavy, just that I have no "go".  Yes, I've been through this a million times before, and everytime I feel the need to bitch and moan about it.  Everyone who has cut calories knows how strength loss can fuck with your head.  I have a plan though, and I intend to stick to it.

That plan is.......

Get as lean as possible over the WHOLE SUMMER.  I have no idea what weight that will put me at, and I'm sure I will be weak as a kitten soon enough however the rest of the plan requires it.  Namely......

Eat up for a meet in Winter.  That means a lot of "kill-babies" style mass training over fall, and partly into winter.

My training plan for the rest of summer will still be to train 2 big sessions a week, and many smalls ones (usually 4).  Since my leg/hip is still not quite 100% I will be doing LOTS of pause squats on Saturdays or Sundays, then doing 4" block pulls the next week.  A shit ton of lunges or speed skater squats will be done after.

I wanna do more hamstrings but I hate hamstring work like my dog Buster hates squirrels.  And he kills the fuck out of those.

I also know I still need more traps and upperback.  But I have already put so much effort into getting those up to par, I wonder if any more would just be a waste of time.

I will be using the pause squat and block pull program that will be in the book.  However I will just be splitting them up (alternating them), week to week.

One of the really fucking awesome things about the new book and all of the templates in it, is that you can get creative with the programming and do something more individualized, rather than have to follow cookie cutter programming that everyone else does.

I will explain....

You could easily use the short cycle strong-15, and space that out over 10 weeks or so, squatting one week, and pulling the next, while alternating bench and incline (like I do) or bench and overhead.

You could use the block pull program, but do the back offs from the strong-15 deadlift routine instead of the speed pulls and stiff legs that follow it up.

You could grab the pause squat routine, and follow the pause squats up with the stiff legged deadlift section that comes from the block pulls.

Basically, there is enough programming in S-L-L, that you can really get creative and individualize programming to fit your specific needs, instead of just plugging numbers into the same spreadsheet everyone else does.  I'm not just excited for you guys, I am excited about this for myself, because I have so many options for so many different situations, based on what I need.  You guys are going to find the same thing once you start looking through it.

Now back to my plan.......

The plan has been for a long time, to be VERY lean at 242-245, and total more than 1800 beltless.  This is where I want to compete at, and stay at.  I feel I am very close to accomplishing these two goals.  I want to be able to eat up to that over a few months for a late winter meet, then possible continue on to 255-260 and hold that until spring, when I would start dieting to do a bodybuilding show (possibly....not sure after hearing all the horror stories over this past weekend from my BB'er friend).

I just want to write something I've written before.

Don't shun your friends aside for a chic.  They won't like it.  Especially when you've taken off work, put family time aside to take care of them, fixed them up on dates, and done all sorts of shit to make them feel better about their life.  That's all I'm going to say.

Shirts should be arriving any day now to go out to those who are on back order.  Also coming in with that shipment, is a shipment of black T's, and some ladies pink tanks.  I also may do a mens black tank with a different version of the fist and logo.  We'll see.

I also have a buddy that is asking me about doing posters.  I have no idea if anyone would want a poster.  I may get one for myself though.  I think it would look badass on my basement gym wall........

The weekend is almost upon us.  Make plans now to do something spectacular with it!

Oh and I almost forgot, because of all of the questions Jamie has gotten in, we will be doing a CNBYE 8.5 tonight, a small half hour to 45 minute one, just covering a ton of training questions he has gotten in.  So look for that to be up in a couple of days.


  1. Paul,

    Please tell me why my deadlift sucks asshole.

    In January at a competition I pulled 575. That was huge. I recently competed in an impromptu competition and could barely budge 525. I was pissed, b/c I should have been well on my way to a 600lbs DL. I ended up with a grand total of a 505 deadlift, b/c I failed at 525 twice.

    Fast forward to my last couple of weeks of training. 505 has become a bitch. I am literally grinding out 505 and it is pissing me off.

    Two things have changed in my training since I pulled in January.

    1) I have dramatically reduced what I do in the gym. Over the pasted year I have developed the mind set that simplicity works best for me and strive to get better on the lifts that matter. In terms of volume I generally follow Prilepin's Chart.

    2) I did a Met Con as part of a competition and a component of it was rowing. I found I really enjoy rowing and row after every workout...I try to hit 1000 - 1500m for time.

    Here is my template. I have three main lift days and then I will incorporate small works outs in the same vein as yours.

    Day 1)
    Pause squats
    Rack Dead

    Day 2)
    Pendlay Row

    Day 3)
    Dynamic Squats
    Speed Deads

    **There is usually an off day in between each session and at least three days between Squat and Deadlift. I will have small workouts in between each day. Usually those consist of: Facepulls, push downs, pull ups, rows, curlz.

    See anything that jumps out?? I almost started throwing plates in disgust this morning after my pitiful attempt at deadlifting.

    1. let's see here.......


      deadlifting out of the rack on day 1

      doing rows on day 2

      deadlifting, squatting, and then doing speed deads on day 3.........and you're rowing after every workout too?

      And you cut back?

      Your low back and rhomboids are taking a beating, and you wonder why your dead has gone into the shitter?


      Day 1 -
      Pause Squat OR Squats
      Leg Curls

      Day 2 -

      Day 3 -
      Deadlift (reset your dead NOW back to high 300's and cycle back up, like 385x3x3)

    2. Well, I meant I cut back in terms of accessory work. Oddly enough the only thing I changed up until January was adding in Rack Deads.

      Thanks for the new outline..I think I am going to throw out the Rack Deads and your right...lower back is taking a beating.

      I really appreciate your input.

      I enjoyed your discussion with Jamie on CNB7 ( I think) on Westside principles for raw lifters. I would love for that to be fleshed out more on a future podcast.

      Love the blog and thanks again.

  2. You mention the shirts are coming in for those on back order... Is it too late to place a new order for one?

    1. Nope. Shirts will in supply soon so you can order, you'll just have to wait a little longer to get it. But all of the labels and shirts bags are ready to go the day the shirts hit my doorstep.

  3. Count me in for a poster if it happens. Looks good.

  4. Paul, your blog is great and your philosophy is inspiring. I love to lift and lift heavy (ad I can. I'm still weak in terms of where I want to be long term, and I understand it's a marathon) I'm about 5'11 and 180 lbs and a correctional officer at 23 yrs old. Strength and size are important to me (I lack both) how do you suggest I get that size that's up there well into the 200's without being a total fat body? I'm not saying I want to look like a body builder, I jut want to be strong an look like it, not like I'm obese. Thanks

  5. Hey Paul! Is there a more specific ETA on the book? I just finished my first year at University, so I am ready to dedicate my summer to your training philosophies!

    So tempted to buy your programs just for something to read now!

    1. July 25th is what I am aiming for, but it might be the next Monday all depending.....

  6. I think either you or jamie should do a poster/shirt with the motto "zero belt, zero wraps, zero fucks given" or something along those lines. I think it embodies both of y'alls philosophies about lifting and life.

  7. Paul,

    Couple questions...

    1) What's with the store for the new shirts? When I select I get the option of 1 shirt.. the old shirt I can select any quantity.

    2) Will the pink tanks be for sale? Not for girl just pulled her first 300 at a meet and she like presents, not bad for a year training (xfit & powerlifting) and using this terrible program/prep called Strong 15...
    /insert sarcasm

    3) On the real7 podcast you guys touched on hitting the lift you want to improve. I was thinking of doing rack pulls or deads on my squat day as my accessory to get a 2nd session of deadlifts in per week. (not max weight, and still following Strong 15 programming for main movements).

    Starting to play with the small workouts and I am liking them, thanks for the post a couple days ago explaining and giving examples. Looking forward to your book as well, the customization sounds interesting. Thanks for you and Jamie taking your time to do everything that you do for the community, it is appreciated. The podcasts are a great addition to the blogs.

    Yes to the posters...

    - Jason

    1. 1. I probably just need to update the code.

      2. Yes. But I have a few that are already accounted for by some semi attractive women. lol

      3. I do this just using stiff legs.

  8. Hey Paul

    All the new template ideas seem really cool. I like the fact there's gonna be a lot of different ideas to draw from in the book.

    Had a question for you about a friend of mine, he's recently had an ankle reconstruction after injuring it playing football and is kinda at a loss of how to train. He's always been big into squatting and oly lifts so this has pissed him right off and he's drifting around doing nothing.

    I wanna help him out, so I suggested he do something along the lines of:

    Mon - Big-15 Bench + Accessory
    Tue - Small Workout
    Wed - Off
    Thu - Big-15 Chins + Accessory
    Fri - Small Workout
    Sat/Sun - Off or one Small Workout

    In terms of accessory it'd be usual compound stuff but seated variations for press, and DB rows with support.

    Does that sound okay? Do you have any more suggestions of ways to adapt the template until he can start bringing light leg work back in?

    Thanks in advance!


  9. I gotta ask this out of curiosity Paul..

    Why are you using a diet approach aggressive enough to where your strength is already dropping this early into your diet? I've sat back and watched a few local bodybuilder friends of mine prep probably 50 guys for shows to the striated glutes point, and people didn't typically have a strength drop off until about the last 4-6 weeks or so (an occasional freak would never lose any). Now I know you aren't prepping for a show, but the principle of getting as lean as possible while maintaining as much muscle mass applies to both, so why start out balls deep to where your already feeling like shit at times? Why not leave room for some adjustments over the coming weeks?

    1. No you're totally correct.

      This has been an issue of mine for some time. I've even seen my doctor about it. no one my size, should be able to maintain this much mass on as little food as I do. I stay at 250-255 pounds on 2800 calories or so. That should be a DIET for me. Since I have to drop my cals even further, I generally have a pretty good energy dip early, and then I feel fine later.

      If I had to eat say, 4500 calories to maintain my mass, you'd be correct. I could drop to say, 4000, then 3800, 3500, etc....but I generally have to dip into the 1800-2200 range to get things rolling.

      Hope this makes sense.

  10. Paul, do you have a generic email address on here? Wanted to run an idea past you.

  11. Absolutely yes on the posters.

    Perfect for the basement gym.


  12. I've noticed on a cut that repping strength decreases faster than my 1RM.

  13. Where is Jamie's klokov press challenge vid?!

  14. i was late to the weekly q & a so ill ask here,

    What are your thoughts on religion? Not some trumped up macho side, I mean im sure you have some kind of belief system you use as a fail safe?

    I used the search bar but found no posts on it.

    1. That's a very loaded question isn't it?

      I used to be a very devout Christian. I have studied the Bible more than most, and at one time even thought about going to seminary school to become a man of God.

      But as I really learned the Bible, I learned a lot of what is said behind the pulpit has nothing to do with what the Bible reads. And the hypocrisy of most churches and especially the judgmental attitude of the congregation eventually not only drove me out of the church but away from the Christian faith.

      I have made my remarks about those feelings, but I'm not a guy to go around and tell people how stupid their faith is because I fully believe that is something people should respect with others.

      If people started living according to the words Christ spoke, and how he lived, and cared about the things he did, Christians today would not look and act like they do.

      I do believe in God. I personally think it's quite foolish not to. To think that we are here for no reason at all, just have happenstance and that we're as big as it gets in the entire universe is pretty arrogant.

      I'm not big on offering this stuff up unless asked. My main thing is I try to respect other peoples views and faith or lack of, unless asked.

      I hope that helps.

    2. Absolutely does, i didnt intend to make it a loaded question for any sort of trickery purposes. I really was interested, I think the way I asked it probably didnt help the look of things.

      At any rate, I agree with all your above comments on Religion. I also grew up in a "christian" environment and was devout also, until i too realized the hypocrisy behind 99% of not Christianity itself, but instead, its followers unfortunatly.

      Im 31 now, and 6 months ago, on a curious whim decided to check out Islam (gasp, the dreaded Muslim Terrorists) I know.

      After careful study and reflection what I found pretty much tripped me out; all the people were the same, Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, and even Jesus(peace and blessings be upon all of them), which REALLY got me interested,so then i started looking into a typical Muslims lifestyle, I don't mean an extremist, as we can both agree, there are some nut cases EVERYWHERE in EVERY religion.

      I then found something else, they were devout. When I say devout I mean DEVOUT. 99% of their "followers" make an open and honest effort to completely submit to the will of God Examples: prayer 5 times per day all across the world = unity. Very limited contact with the opposite sex for temptation reasons etc etc.

      Anyway, it all led me to become a Muslim and join Islam, I really truly thought that all hope was lost in my life concerning faith in my fellow man, and at times God himself, which was a scary proposition for me.

      P.S.- I am not a terrorist, nor do i support terrorism by Islam, Christianity, or the Government.

      P.S.S. - People should not believe everything they see / read on the tv / internet concerning Islam, "Islamic Law" and or the "treatment of our women". My wife is happy to be Muslim and happy to have a Muslim husband, because she knows, no matter what my devotion to God will keep me in line concerning other women... that part wasn't for you Paul, but instead is for anybody who might chime in with uneducated ideas or false reports being passed on as "truths".

    3. Ehhhh, I wouldn't prop up Islam any better than Christianity. The fact that you have to say outright, that you are not a terrorist, shows the state of Islam today.

      LOL I would probably end up finding that Buddhism would resonate closer to home with now, than anything. But I'm in a place where I'm not really concerned about "faith" anymore. However as noted, I don't look down on others for their faith(s)and what they believe.

  15. good thing u didnt post my reply to that one

    1. I pot 99% of the stuff written here. But two of the things I don't want taking up discussions here are politics and religion. There are plenty of places to discuss those things. This isn't one of em.

    2. *post.....fucking s key isn't work great right now.

  16. love the language, not quite as bad as jamies but im sure your kids can be proud of the ego stuff just the same, wait..i dont think jamie has kids

  17. Poster looks awesome, Id buy one