Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another LRB guy succeeding........

A while back, I posted an inspirational e-mail a guy sent to me, about losing weight and trying to achieve his goal of making the Arkansas football team.  

I got his follow up e-mail today and wanted to share it.  This is awesome, and the whole reason I write and answer Q&A's and do what I do.  

I told you I'd let you know how the tryout went! Measured in at 6'3 323(<------I dont know how) had a 25 inch vertical and after the vertical they made us go straight to 225 for reps with no warm up did 25, hated the fact that I was not loose and not prepared for that, after all that we did three stations of speed agility drills with cones bags and then doing some pro I drills, after about 25 minutes of that we broke off into position specific drills. Through out the tryout the head strength and conditioning coach was all over me and loved how well I could move and was also surprised about my weight. Few days later I received the call and was asked to join the program!!! There was about 80 or so players at the tryout and they kept 4 players and a kicker (they had there own tryout) I should start my first day of practice tomorrow I do have to go a certain amount of days without full pads though which will blow because I want to get in there and just hit. I may not suit up or stand on the sidelines for the games, but I reached my primary goal of making the team, now my next is to suit up for a game, idk if I have control of that this season since I'm pretty sure they have already made the dress lists but next I will! but I Wanted to say thanks for all you do with the blog and books, they have helped me tremendously in this journey. 


  1. Having been in the SEC as a support staff member (its how I paid for my school) congrats and keep up the good work. If this guy has not already read Wendler's story about the walk on he should read it. Dress teams are determined each game. They can and will change. Its good that this guy has manageable goals. Great to hear good things like this. Good luck. The SEC is a select group of people. To dress there means you could have played first team at a dozen other schools.

  2. Savage work, well done that lad.