Monday, August 13, 2012

Training - Squats and Deads

Bodyweight - 245

High Bar Pause Squats -
bar x 10,10

Modified Sumo Pulls -

Conventional Speed Pulls -

Db Shrugs - 140's x 3 sets of 20

Notes - This was THE BEST squatting has felt in maybe 6 or 8 months.  NO pain.  And look at the speed I had at 405 with good pauses.

Remember last week, I had several terrible sessions.  Two weeks ago I may have had the worst squat session I've had in 10 years.  It was that bad.  I did NOT let it get me down.  Tonight felt awesome.  No pain, I felt REALLY strong.  I know from experience that the way 405 moved tonight that I'm very close to already being back to 100%.

Also, check the speed of 500 after all of that volume on squats and pulls..................

Overall a very solid session.


  1. That's a disgustingly fast pull. I love it.

    Those squats were pretty awesome too. Glad to see you're almost fully recovered.

    1. I have FINALLY gotten some things figured out in my pull. Without the pain the squats felt great.

      I don't think I'm FULLY recovered, but I've been really smart about not pushing it and I think I should be ready for the meet.

  2. Paul,

    Your lower back looks really great when you squat. Have you ever dealt with lumbar flexion (butt tuck, as the crossfitters would say) and if so, how did you correct it?

    1. I do sometimes get butt tuck, but people sweat that shit WAAAY too much. I did notice however on these sets, it is not as bad as it used to be. I didn't do anything to correct it either........strange.

    2. Butt tuck is going to happen on high bar. Watch any Oly lifter doing back squats. It happens on low bar, too, but people typically don't go ATG on low bar.

    3. People worry about this shit too much. Butt tuck happens on low bar too. It's really not something people need to be sweating.

  3. Were those plates made of feathers? damn fast pull man. Blinked and nearly missed the whole thing. Tomorrow's deads are about being fast for sure.

  4. Damn fine squatting, making them pause squats look easy. By the way the blog post says 3reps with 405, instead of the 5 you done

  5. if you haven't seen this already, some insane RAW benching from Stan Efferding that gets even more insane when Eric Spoto takes his turn

  6. The awkward moment when you recognize the song (even hum along to it), but can't friggin place it.
    ... Shadows Fall (Art of Balance era), Lamb of God ("another nail" ending), Kreator (Violent Revolution era)...grrr.

    Great pull on the deadlift!

  7. Awesome lifting Paul.

    Question about pause squats, just started working these in. Do you always shoot for speed on them?

    My current training max is 435 and I worked up to 315x3x3 pause squats the other day but they were defnitely not fast and it tore my shit up.

    1. Then back down. I try not to grind on pause squats very much.

  8. Paul, I (and perhaps others) am curious as to what sort of programming you have laid out for a beginner. What I mean is, I have SLL and you outline your beginner program for a fresh out the womb beginner but don't really go much further than the first 6-8 week period, and then a Phase Two routine but don't go into much detail on that.

    You mentioned in your rotational split post that this is similar to your daughter's current split. I'm curious what your programming changes to as someone becomes less and less of a beginner and how progress is tracked and planned (if at all).

    And now onto some dickriding concerning this post, I fucking wish I could move 500 with speed like that. Or any speed really. That would be a swell achievement altogether.