Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Training - Press and shit

Bodyweight - 242

Incline Db Press -
20's x 50
60's x 12
100's x 8
140's x 8
100's x 20

Band Pull Aparts - 100 total reps
Poundstone Curls - bar x 100
Band Extensions - 100 reps

Notes - Nothing over the top, but solid.


  1. Buddy the floor in your basement must be a fucking wreck, hahaha... Awesome work as usual Paul!

    What do you wrap your elbows with and how tight are the wraps? Looks like Inzer Iron Z knee wraps? I'm having some elbow pain lately and wondering my some snug but not super tight wraps might help me train through it a bit while it heals up.

    1. No, Inzer elbow sleeves. Not knee wraps.

    2. Ah alright, these guys?

      Find a big difference with them as far as elbow health goes?

  2. I wear this compressive sock that you cut off in tubing
    It just keeps it warm really

  3. Strong pressing, Paul. I still don't get how you manage 100 reps with the Poundstone curls 'cause those things are a fucking bitch. I got to 50 with fatigued biceps after rows so I'm not sure what I'd get with fresh ones but I doubt it matters.

    I have a question about this:

    I'm considering making some changes and evolving things into this. My questions are, can the second press be something like a Klokov press or an overhead press in general? Also, the squat and bench seem to be programmed as heavy (as per Strong-15), do you include back offs for the bench/incline or is it just the three singles?

    1. Yeah the second press could be something like a klokov press. I like the incline db press because it's something in between flat and overhead, and it gives me a break from barbell movements.

    2. Awesome. Thanks then. Makes sense to use the incline DB. I could always switch up to a DB type press if I feel like taking a break from BB movements. I also get picking something that's in between the two.

      Much obliged as always, Paul.

  4. Any advice for building the calves up? And how much volume would you recommend to someone who isn't necessarily genetically blessed in that department?