Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get a tank for 10!

I have just a handful of the LRB tanks left, and summer only has a few weeks left, so grab one for cheap while you can.

WORD OF WARNING!  These shrink in the wash.  So that's why the sizes are what they are.  If you want a med, order the large, if you want a large, order the XL.


  1. I have a question, Paul. Does shipping to a US territory like Puerto Rico costs extra? We use USPS and shipping should be cheap. Just throwing the question before ordering one. Thanks.

    1. Hmmmmm, I'm not sure. That'd really be up to paypal. If it's cheaper go through Amazon.

  2. Sorry to bother you again, Paul. I placed the order like you said through Amazon. No problems, the only thing is that Amazon didn't ask me tank size, maybe I didn't see it. If it's possible I'd prefer Large, if that size is not available then I got no problem with XL. Thanks again.

  3. Just FYI We only have about 4 tanks left.

  4. That's a good deal on those tank tops Paul. I bought one this morning.

    Ben Edwards