Friday, August 31, 2012

Pipes - Poundstone curl PR

Bodyweight - 241

Poundstone Curls - 65x100 PR

Band Lying Extensions - 100 total reps



  1. awww, I wanted to see the aftermath

  2. and you couldn't do 6 sets of 12 in march? that's a ton of progress keep it up.

    1. Nope. Generally because I did a lot of heavier bicep work, WHEN I did biceps. I still hate doing curls TBH but at least this way, I get it all done in like 3-4 minutes.

  3.'re making leaps n' strides in the pipe work. Nice work. Did you decide upon a goal for your pipes? Im assuming your first goal as of then was to do 100 reps w/65lbs. Thinking of 100lbs for 100sometime down the line? If so....damn.

    By the way, I tried the poundstone curls for the first time just last week. But I used a pair of 25lb dumbbells. I almost felt embarassed to pick those weenie dumbbells up, haha! Did 50 reps for the first time, and got 60 on my third attempt. My arms was pumped like no other. And its an entirely different feeling when it comes to those momentarily rests. With a barbell, you can come close to resting it on your thighs. Something you might want to try if ur interested.

    Also, tried doing high rep overhead tricep extensions. I used a 50lber and got me 50 reps af the end of my pressing workouts. It was a nice wrap up! Something I will be using frequently.

  4. Hey Paul, On this current split (from the 8/9 post) why no backoff set? I'm giving this a shot myself and curious since you've used the backoff set alot in the past. Nice work on the curls by the way.